Getting Kids to Obey!

Often times I feel like this whole parenting thing is this extravagant experiment. Maybe in some ways we’re all looking for that magic formula to get our kids to obey. And, if I’m honest, I don’t feel any more equipped now to raise these half a dozen awesome kids of ours than I did ten […]

Put On Virtues {Colossians Family Time #6}

Whenever someone talks about fun family {Bible} time activities at our house, the time when we dirtied up clean white onesies of unsuspecting stuffed animals is ALWAYS mentioned. Our kids can’t help but remember the ketchup and dirt and barbeque sauce they smeared on as we talked about the dirtiness (sin) in their hearts… and […]


Forgiveness- it’s one of those words that has me jumping for joy one minute and cowering in a corner the next. I’m overwhelmed with gratefulness for my own forgiveness, yet pouring it out on others (and on myself) can be so.very.difficult! Yet, God, His forgiveness is amazing!! Our children stood on a bench with a […]

On Gentleness and Patience {Family Time}

We did a fun activity to help remind our children that we should “clothe ourselves with… gentleness”! Since this simple, fun, & yummy activity took patience (see below, where I talk about my lack of patience), we talked about that too! {Two virtues in one Family Time! :) Two virtues that I need to work […]

Can We Really Pray as a Family? {Family Time-Humility}

In my heart I envisioned quiet, loving, humble little ones on their knees praying before our Heavenly Father. For I know that our family needs prayer!! We are craving direction & guidance & so much more of God! And when I realized that the next virtue to tackle during our Family {Bible} Time was HUMILITY, […]

Teaching Children About KINDNESS {Family Time}

This past week during “Family {Bible} Time”, we continued on our journey of discovering how to “clothe ourselves” with the virtues in Colossians 3. This week we learned about “clothing ourselves with KINDNESS” & we had lots of fun! :) As we were finishing our dinner, we read & talked about some Bible verses about […]

How to Teach Your Kids About Compassion {Family Time}

We live in a hurting world! Everywhere we turn there is someone who is in need! I still remember the day we were driving to ballet, & we passed a homeless man alongside the road. “Mom that man has no home. He’s asking for money- can we give him some?” I hadn’t brought any money […]

Super Easy Valentines’ Day Fudge {With a Lesson to Walk in LOVE}

We did one more {super yummy} fun LOVE “Family {Bible} Time” activity! And in the end we had a delicious treat! :) We got to work making some super easy Valentines’ Day fudge! As we worked on the fudge we used “the LOVE chapter” {1 Corinthians 13} to talk about what “LOVE IS”! “Love is […]

Overflowing LOVE- Bubble “Experiment”

Here is a super easy “experiment” to show how Christ’s love can fill our hearts to overflowing! And it goes along with another beautiful prayer of LOVE that is perfect to pray for our children, for ourselves, & for everyone around us! “May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and […]

Shining Hearts of LOVE

Can others see Christ’s love shining in you? For Christ’s love is so wonderful, so perfect, that although we continually sin, HE died for us! And if we truly believe that- Christ’s love should be evident in our lives… & it is absolutely beautiful! Now, some of you (or your children) may be saying… “I’m […]