Preschool At Our House

My three and four year-olds peeked their little heads out from around the corner. They loved their play time, but couldn’t help but want to see all of the fun that their big sisters were having in the other room. “Mom, Can we do school too?” came their tiny voices. Although I’d been wanting to […]

Favorite Children’s Storybook Bibles

I find myself to be quite the “Bible collector”! I’ve been that way ever since I can remember. Even in highschool I was thrilled to get a new Bible at least once a year! :) {And, yes, some of them do sit on the shelf.} But, I love to read & study & use my […]

Top 10 Ways to Memorize Scripture (for toddlers on up)

Growing up, I always struggled to memorize things! It was so frustrating for me (& still is at times)! My older brother (whom I adore!!!) was/is one of those people that could glance over something once & know it… & know it well! Me!? I would study for hours & hours, & still struggle to […]

Letter Art Fun- from A to Z

We had so much fun with “Letter Art” this past school-year!! We made every letter of the alphabet into something that begins with the letter… we tried hard to use objects, or a way of decorating that also begins with the letter! :) And now I (finally) have all the pictures together to share every […]

My ABC Bible Verses

We so enjoyed reading through the devotions in My ABC Bible Verses, by Susan Hunt– as a part of Kayla’s preschool this past year (& as a part of our “Special Time”! :) It was amazing to me how many times the short & sweet devotions spoke to MY heart, & I was blessed to […]

Finishing Preschool

We are so happy for Kayla, as today was her last day of Preschool… she is now officially a Kindergartener!! :) It is one of those bitter-sweet times, where we are so excited for her, amazed at how she has learned & grown this past year, & also looking forward to all that the summer […]

Preschool Learning Fun

Kayla, our 4-year old, is having a blast using Heart of Dakota’s “Little Hands to Heaven” preschool curriculum! Each day she is “all smiles” as she gets our preschool basket out! She even opens the guide to the right day & gets the Bible ready! Oh, how she loves pouring over the Bible stories every […]

Preschool Activities

If you read about all of the fun our Kindergarteners have been having, you are probably curious about our sweet Preschooler!! Well, Kayla is enjoying school just as much as her big sisters!! :)  We continue to be blessed by Heart of Dakota’s “Little Hands to Heaven” Curriculum, as I am still dealing with a bit […]

Are We Still Doing School??

After sharing our “secret news” the other day, many of you have been wondering if we have still been doing school with the girls. And if we are, how we get everything done while mommy is feeling so sick & Christmas is just around the corner. Well, the answer is… YES!! I am happy to […]

Loving Preschool

Kayla, our Preschooler, has had some wonderful weeks of learning!! With a much needed vacation & birthdays to celebrate, we are just now getting around to sharing about the last couple of units she has completed! We are still loving our absolute favorite preschool curriculum- Heart of Dakota’s “Little Hands to Heaven”!! As many of […]