Philippians- Bible Studies and Family {Bible} Times

The past months of diving into Philippians were filled with priceless moments in the Word of God. And before I get too far into my next study, I thought it would be helpful to put all of the posts from our study of Philippians together for easier reference. Here’s a little introduction to and my […]

It’s All About Christ! {Philippians Family Time #13}

After weeks of diving into Philippians with our family, we have been blessed by the many truths found in that one “little” book, and I pray that your family has been blessed as well! On this last “Philippians Family Time” we’re going to make some artwork to display and to help us remember these precious […]

I’ve Got A Secret! {Philippians Family Time #12}

I want to let you in a little secret. This “little” secret will truly change your life! It is the secret of being content! {Oh, I have so much to learn on this, just one glance at our “school room” post and you will see how God is working in my heart in this area!} […]

What Should We Think About? {Philippians Family Time#11}

Have you ever thought about what it means to love God with all your mind? What do you find yourself thinking about?? And your kids- What do they think about??? It’s amazing how my mind can go from pencils… to garages… to last year’s Birthday party… to worrying about the leak in the roof… to […]

When Our Kids Worry {Philippians Family Time#10}

My kids worry! Their fears come out during bedtime and thunderstorms the most. But, I see it at other times too. This past year has been full of transitions for our family. We’ve had to say good-bye to our church family and many dear friends. And in the process, we have felt sad and hurt […]

Pressing On {Philippians Family Time #9}

Do you feel like giving up? I know there are many days that I just want to sit in my puddle of imperfection and mess. I’m tired, and the race seems so very long, and the end is nowhere in sight. But, dear friends, we need to get up- keep going- strain toward the goal! […]

To Know Christ {Philippians Family Time #8}

Last night as I sat on the bed with my sweet (but very sick at the time) six-year old, Kayla , she told me how the game we played for “Family Time” earlier that day was one of her favorite games ever. As I sat next to her typing out emails, she looked at me […]

Sidewalk Chalk Paint {Philippians Family Time #7}

Are YOU being an example of Christ? Oh, this question tugs at my heart as I realize the many times that my example does not point to Christ. Little eyes are watching… little ears listening… little mouths copying… and little feet following… always! As we teach and train our children in this week’s {super fun […]

Shining Stars {Philippians Family Time #6}

Complain. Grumble. Argue. Whine. Some days our house seems to overflow with these nasty traits. Yet, thankfully, God is still working in us. Read on! Family Bible Time- Diving Into Philippians– Week 6 {Corresponds with this week’s “Diving into Philippians” Bible Study.} *Prior to Family Time, set up this week’s GLOW IN THE DARK BATH […]

Watercolor Art- Christ’s Example {Philippians Family Time #5}

As we reflect on and seek to emulate the attitude of Christ, I am humbled and in awe once again of Christ’s amazing love for us… for me, for my children, for YOU! How is it possible to explain this astounding love and this incredible mind of Jesus Christ to our children? It’s learning to […]