Don’t Forget Grace

As I wheeled my overflowing cart to the nearest check-out lane, I could hear it… the toddler screaming & kicking as her embarrassed mother tried desperately to calm her down. As they passed, the poor mother looked with daggers at her child. “Why can’t you be a good little girl, like that one over there?” […]

What To Do With a Dirty Heart

“Mommy, my heart feels dirty!” said my little guy the other day. Oh, little boy, I can relate… as much as I long to be the mom, wife & woman God desires for me, I fail a lot! I fail every – single – day! I see the same thing in the lives of each […]

How to Get Your Children to Obey

Obey, obey, obey! This is something we all want for our children- obedient hearts! Hearts that obey us & hearts that ultimately obey God! As I’ve been reading through the Bible in 90 days, I’ve just made my way through Deuteronomy, & over & over & over again- God commands His people to OBEY, and […]

Training in Righteousness- With a Little Fun

Many of you know my deep passion to raise our children up to not just be “hearers of the Word of God”, but “doers of the Word of God”!! One of our main goals as parents is to help lead our children to Christ, & to train them to walk in HIS ways! Yet, I […]

Practice, Practice, Practice- Training Children in Righteousness

One of the most influential ways we have used to train our children in righteousness & obedience is to have them PRACTICE!! What do they practice?? They practice (or role-play) having a right, biblical response. This allows them to get rid of their old- sinful desires & actions, and replace them with new- holy desires […]

Issues of the Heart

As I have been re-reading Ginger Plowman’s, Don’t Make Me Count to Three!, I have been reminded of so many little tips of wisdom & help in addressing issues of the heart with my children (& with myself)! This week I read Chapter 3, & before I write anything else, I wanted to remind you […]

Why Teach Obedience to our Children?

Most of us WANT our children to obey for various reasons- some of these reasons are good & some not so good! We may want our children to obey, so that we can win the “mother of the year award” –hehe (or, really just secretly hope that others think we are good moms), or so […]

Run to Me to OBEY

Teaching obedience to our children is so challenging! In the next week, I hope to get into the reasons WHY we should teach our children to obey, but for now, I want to share one quick “trick” that I have found that TRULY works with our kids (when I actually remember to implement it!)! This […]

Biblical Discipline… getting to the HEART!

Hearing the word “DISCIPLINE” sends instant chills down most of our spines… kind of like hearing someone run their fingernails over a chalkboard! Many of us have heard so many negative things about discipline through society, that as soon as we hear the word, we instantly think of severe physical punishment, anger, yelling, overly strict […]

Don’t Make Me Count to Three

We have all been there- trying to get our children to obey… maybe you’ve found yourself constantly repeating yourself, bribing your children, raising your voice, threatening as you have sought to get your children to obey… I know I’ve tried ALL of these things at one point or another –insert embarrassed sigh!!- but they really […]