1 Peter – Bible Studies and Family {Bible} Times

A summer’s worth of days spent soaking up the imperishable hope and the divine grace of our great God, and I know my heart won’t ever be the same. It’s been this sweet treasure found in moments carved out and tucked in between picnics and pillow forts and that mountain of laundry. And though the […]

When Even Kids Deal With Depression and Anxiety

So there are storms that blow fierce, And depression that creeps through cracks. There are bullies and frizzy hair and sisters that make your little eight year old heart bust right open. And there are parents that leave and best friends that betray. And who would have thought that the pain would go so much […]

When There is No Time for Family Devotions

It’s been said that we make time for the things that are most important to us. The people. The hobbies. The values. The faith. It just might look a little (or a lot) differently than we envisioned. This week it looked a whole lot like reading some verses to kids piled in between blankets and […]

Maybe This is How We Stop All the Mommy Wars and Sibling Rivalry

So it’s taken this suburbanite turned small town mama a while to feel comfortable in her own skin– To be in this place where everybody knows my name, and if I happen to be plucking stuff out of the garden on a Thursday I can be sure that half a dozen people at church will […]

A Secret to (Sisters and Brothers and Everyone) Getting Along

Maybe if we implemented this secret there wouldn’t be so many mommy wars, Or rebellious kids, Or fathers that flee, Or children that leave the church, Or sisters that won’t talk to each other for decades. I don’t know. But I do know this “secret” is changing my heart and my mind and my whole […]

How to Deal With Sibling Conflicts

I think we tried to start the day over at least twelve times this morning. It’s Vacation Bible School week around here, and we’re all a little bit more tired, a little bit more in-each-other’s-space, a little bit (or a lot) more grumpy, and a little bit more lacking in grace. We’re all this work […]

Following In His Steps (Even After Bible Camp)

I’m spending today with this lovely lady. She spent the better half of the week at a Bible camp. This was our first “real” camp experience – where we dropped this smiling Kayla girl and her excited big sisters off in their cabins and waved good-bye. And, oh my – why didn’t anybody tell me […]

Displaying to Our Kids That God is Good!

Every once in a while the beautiful lesson far outweighs the mess. And there may or may not still be paint splotches dripped all across our little art room {thankfully tiled} floor. But I knew it was worth it when one little boy whose usual tool of choice is some sort of glowing light-saber or […]

Do I Show Grace or Do I Teach Obedience?

I can’t put to words what God is doing in my heart. To read Words penned out thousands of years earlier, and to find each one to be my own beautiful story of redemption in Christ – I just can’t describe it. Without purpose, useless, futile, empty – But by His grace, I have been […]

How to Share the Gospel With Kids

The more I learn about the Gospel – God’s sweet grace, His abounding love, His beautiful story of redemption – the more I fall in love, and the more I want to share this Good News with others. And this mamma’s heart? It beats louder and stronger for the hearts of my children. – To […]