1 Peter – Bible Studies and Family {Bible} Times

A summer’s worth of days spent soaking up the imperishable hope and the divine grace of our great God, and I know my heart won’t ever be the same. It’s been this sweet treasure found in moments carved out and tucked in between picnics and pillow forts and that mountain of laundry. And though the […]

True Grace of God – Final Greetings (1 Peter-Week 12)

Here we are, friends – the final week of our 1 Peter study. And I can’t help but feel the tears trickling down my cheeks and the sweet smile on my lips. For we have sought to grow closer to our God, and have spent many battled for moments and hours and days growing in […]

God’s Mighty Hand (1 Peter-Week11)

It’s just about the end of this letter, and I can’t tell you what a joy it has been to soak in Truth of all He is and does. And my heart has been stirred, creating in me a desire to emulate Him, and to live for Him each day. And this week – it […]

Sharing in the Messiah’s Suffering (1 Peter-Week 10)

What a glorious week of recognizing my need for more of God. His love in my life. His guidance in every. single. moment. His Spirit filling every crack until it flows up and over in a love that is fervent and forgiving – this love that is practical and always giving – this love that […]

Living As Stewards of His Grace (1 Peter-Week 9)

And here we are at the end of a major section in 1 Peter. Oh, how God has brought me to my knees time and time again through these words. And this week as we look back and as we remember it’s all through Christ and for His glory, we’ll grow in His sweet grace […]

Suffering For Righteousness’ Sake (1 Peter-Week8)

I’m seeing more and more how it is in EVERY area of our lives that we can live for His glory! And I’m being more and more humbled through these beautiful Words. Sometimes they sting a bit, or are not at all what I want to hear. But I can’t miss God’s incredible grace and […]

Unfading Marital Bliss (1 Peter-Week 7)

Here we stand at the half-way point in our study of 1 Peter. And I can’t begin to explain the depth of encouragement, conviction, and blessing this time in God’s Word has brought to my days. Last week was an incredible display of God’s grace in action – How He shed His blood so that […]

Glorifying God in Everyday Life (1 Peter-Week 6)

Are you seeing the beauty in this letter? Everyday this past week I’ve sat marveling at how God has chosen us and brought us life – How his grace is so great that He even gives us the craving for more of Him, so that we can grow and be built up together as His […]

Chosen and Growing in His Grace & Mercy (1 Peter-Week 5)

What a blessed week of reading how God has ransomed us with the precious blood of Christ. Tears flowed freely from my eyes as I realized that we no longer need to live in the empty way of life. For because of the imperishable, living, and enduring Word of God we are born again. Oh, […]

Ransomed By Grace (1 Peter-Week 4)

Another week of reading of God’s imperishable hope and divine grace – and I grow more and more in awe of Him. How amazing that we can have hope and joy even in suffering. This suffering that comes in all shapes and sizes, and yet molds our faith and leads to His glory – It’s […]