Words on your 8th birthday

What words could I express to my daughter on her eighth birthday?

Oh, sweet Love, there are no words to truly convey all that I long for you to know. But with happy tears streaming down (because how is it possible that it’s been eight years already!?) I humbly scratch out a smidgen of my thoughts to your heart.

Bella and Mommy

beautiful birthday girl

Bella's birthday

Bella and Daddy

Bella –

You are braver than you know.

You are more beautiful than the sunsets God paints across the skies.

You are strong.

You are creative and fun and passionate and kind.

You give some of the greatest hugs and the most precious smiles.

And the sweet songs of praise that burst gloriously from deep inside of you all-day-long – I’ll never tire of hearing them.

Bella's ears pierced

Bella's pierced ears

beautiful Bella

Beautiful Annabella

It’s been eight years since you first captured my heart, and you just keep doing it over and over. And I am just so thankful and honored and blessed to be your mama.

Bella's 8th birthday

fun riding horses

riding horses

riding in the sunshine

riding in the rain

Keep making music to Jesus. Keep singing your heart out and flipping back kick-overs at gymnastics and saddling up horses and crafting out drawings and bubbling up with laughter and loving those around you – all of it. Each moment, in the sunshine and rain, do it all for the glory of God.

For, oh how He loves you!

He loves you with this never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever kind of love that I pray will consume and transform and move in your life in incredible ways.

Bella's birthday

Bella horse riding

I believe in you.

I see you.

You matter, dear one.

And I will always, always love you!

Bella is 8!

happy birthday Bella

birthday girl

Bella's 8th birthday

Happy 8th Birthday, Annabella Love!
You have my heart!
Love, Mommy

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