The Start of our School Year

Today was our first day of school for the year. We’ve got first, second, fourth, sixth, and seventh grades going on at out home. And I’m barely able to believe the words in the previous sentence are true. I find it this incredibly beautiful mixture of happy-sad. Oh, I am so grateful for a God who goes before us, who walks with us, and who never leaves us.

And these kids – they have my heart!

first day  of school 2017-2018

Ariya - 1st grade

Annabella - 2nd grade

Isaiah - 4th grade

Kayla - 6th grade

Elliana - 7th grade

Alyssa - 7th grade

first day 2017-2018

And, just because…

silly first grader

crazy kids first day

Ahhhh – the cuteness! Love them. What a fun, imperfectly perfect day it’s been.

We’ve been organizing books, getting a glimpse at how we can (maybe) make things work this year, baking apple crisp, visiting the library, and smiling for this mama that loves to take pictures.

We have some new, exciting things going on this year. I look forward to sharing more when I can.

Happy school year!

God goes before you, walks with you, and will never leave you!


  1. So exciting! They look so joyful! I can’t wait to hear what curriculum you choose this year…that is always exciting for me, lol. I am like a homeschool curriculum nerd – I love to hear what others use. Hope you have a great year!