Today My Baby Turned Six!

Half a dozen years ago we held this beauty for the first time. Who knew that our love could multiply so much that day after celebrating the years of marriage & love & time & faithfulness!? But just after the sun shone brightly that June morning our precious Ariya Faith was born.

And this sweet girl has continued to capture our hearts every day since.

birthday girl


6 years old

birthday swimming

birthday presents

birthday fun

Daddy and Ariya

new bike

swimming birthday girl

Oh, Ariya Faith – I am so thankful for you!

For your hugs and your smiles.

For your helpfulness and kindness.

For the way you make friends and the way you play hard.

For the way you light up the room as only you can.

I am honored to watch your bravery in gymnastics; your dedication in learning to read; your independence in making your own sandwiches, getting your own Band-Aids, praying your own prayers; but I’m most honored that you call me Mommy.

And what a blessing it is to be the one you look for in a crowd. I will always wave back, Baby Girl.

mommy with the birthday girl

Today you woke up and one hand was no longer able to show the entirety of your little girl years. And somehow you became the age that your biggest sisters were the very first time we all met you outside the womb.

The years keep passing, and I just keep right on loving you, breathing in the wonder of it all.

6 kids

happy 6th birthday Ariya

Happy 6th Birthday, Ariya Faith!
We love you deeply.


  1. Sarah Phillips says:

    Happy birthday, Ariya! I’d forgotten that Glory shares a middle name in common with you! (Love the pic of all of them as “small” holding her – and Isaiah’s face! “yup, another girl”.