A Letter from Ariya

{{This is the letter that we sent to friends & family along with Ariya’s birth announcement! Since I was too sick at Christmas time to write a “Christmas letter”, we thought this would be a fun way to share about how our family is doing! :) Enjoy!!}}

Ariya Announcement

Hi everyone!! My name is Ariya Faith, & I am the newest little addition to our family! I was born on Thursday June 16th & weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces & was 20 inches long! Everyone was SO excited to have a new baby in the house! In case you were wondering my name is pronounced with the long “i” sound – like Mariah without the “M”! Mommy & Daddy love it because it means “holy– set apart for God” & they pray that as I grow bigger- I will truly be set apart for God & full of faith in Him!

Our family is doing wonderfully! Mommy & Daddy say that I’m already getting too big… even though all I do is eat, sleep, cuddle, & smile at all the “big people” that come to talk to me! My favorites are my big sisters & big brother! When my big sister, Annabella -who will be 2 in September- sees me, she squeals, “A-RI-YA!!!!” & runs to give me a hug or kiss… all this from a girl that is usually very observant & quiet… but I love it! And I love watching how she enjoys singing & dancing with her baby doll, as well as pushing her Teddy-Bear in the stroller! Maybe one day she’ll get to push me in the stroller! My other big sisters are amazing as well! Kayla is 5 & is going to be in Kindergarten this year! She loves to talk to me & is the best at pretending… everything turns into a new & exciting world for her! Someday I will love to play WITH her, but for now I just enjoy “pretending” to be HER baby! Alyssa & Elliana -who are 6… yes, there are 6 of us– all ages 6 & under, at least for the next few months… love to help take care of me, & to tell me all about God & their love for Him! Alyssa is still the “leader” in the bunch. I think it’s fun how she helps organize a ballet recital, Bible class, wedding, or school-time for everyone to participate in! Of course, I get to be in the “audience” or “class”… a perfect role for me! Elliana enjoys participating too, but her biggest passion is being “Mommy’s helper”! She can hardly wait to be a Mommy some day, & wants to learn all about it now! I love that she spends most of her day holding me, reading to me, asking about me, and/or helping mommy any way she can! Daddy says he will let her change my diaper one of these days– although that makes Mommy a bit nervous! I love my big sisters SO much!

And, I have the BEST big brother ever! Isaiah is 3 & is always full of energy & fun! Being surrounded by girls– it’s lots of fun to see him playing ball, driving trucks & wrestling with Daddy! He wants to be a “knight” to help protect others! He’s the perfect knight for me, for he thinks I’m the greatest thing ever & is so loving & gentle with me! That’s because he has such a great Daddy to learn from! And my Daddy is the best! He works hard as an associate pastor at church & loves working with the people there, but His favorite is to be home with Mommy– whom he adores, & all of us kids! He is passionate about God, & is always the best at making us laugh! And Mommy tries to take it all in! As she says– “the days are full, but are going by way too fast!” She spends her days teaching, training, caring for & loving us all so very much! And she loves to write about our family & all that God is teaching her along the way! I sure love my Mommy!

Thank-you for praying for our family, as we’ve all been adjusting & enjoying these first few weeks together!

Sending our love– Ariya & our family :)

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  1. This is brilliant and sweet!! Such a creative Christmas letter :)

  2. I love that you take the time to do special things like this for your children!! I need to write my little girl some letters…I think you have inspired me!

  3. Precious, beautiful, precious!