Finding Time for God When You Have Little Ones

Our days are full! Full of kisses & snuggles- stories & songs- feeding & bathing- playing & pretending- cleaning & laundering- disciplining & training! With little ones in the house, we know what it is like to head to the bathroom for a little respite- only to find ten (or more) tiny fingers poking through the crack underneath the door, or to collapse on the couch after finally getting everyone tucked into bed- only to hear a hungry cry coming from the baby’s room.

Amidst the joys, tears, chaos & fun that comes with having little ones in the house- how does one find time for THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE IN THE WORLD??? How can we find time for God amidst dirty diapers, bedtime stories, & trips to the zoo???

at the zooTaken at our most recent zoo trip with our cousins! :)

How easy it can be to push God to the side, claiming that we will have more time for Him another day… when everyone’s out of diapers… when all our children sleep through the night… when each piece of clothing is clean, folded & put away… when our kids are old & grown & have families of their own! We may or may not eventually have more time for God, but then it will be too late! For, how can we make it through these tiring, crazy, joy-filled days without God, His wisdom, & His strength?? And, how can we train our children to know the King of kings, if we do not know Him ourselves??

It is a battle– a battle to place Jesus as King of our lives, & then to keep Him there, always & forever as our first love! Here are a few ways I am using or have used as I continually “fight this battle”…

*Hang scripture all around the house… hide it in your heart & pray it over your family!

*Pray in the shower (even if it only lasts 2 minutes)… ask God to cleanse you on the inside!

*Pray for each family member as you fold their laundry, cook them meals, and/or vacuum the floors!

*Listen to praise music and/or Scripture put to music throughout the day… take time to dance & sing to the Lord… your children will love joining you!

*Leave Bibles all around your house (by your bed, in the kitchen, next to the couch, in the bathroom- & in your car too), so that whenever you have a spare moment- you can read His Word… even just one verse is better than nothing!

*Listen to an Audio Bible!

*Make an effort to wake up before everyone else to spend time with God (start with just 10 minutes & work your way up)!

*Keep a prayer journal, & write in it every night before bed!

*Go to church, & if possible a Bible study or Christian support group… go to be encouraged & to encourage others in their walk with Christ!

*Make it a priority to spend family time learning about God & reading His Word… & talk about Him all throughout the day!

*Pray with your children… before bed, before meals, all throughout the day!

*Find times that really work to have quiet time with God… do your kids take a nap or have a quiet time?? is there a half-hour you can declare as “reading time”?? are you a night owl?? are you spending hours nursing a baby each day (this is my FAVORITE time to spend with God right now, & whenever I’ve had little “nurslings”)!

*Pray through Scripture verses while preparing meals!

*Have a “verse of the day” that you read in the morning, pray over, & meditate on the rest of the day!

*Join an accountability group! Yesterday I signed up to be a part of the “Read Your Bible in 90 days challenge” hosted by “Mom’s Toolbox”! (It’s not too late to sign up!) I am very excited, for whenever I am nursing, A LOT of my time is spent reading my Bible. Usually I just start, & read through at whatever pace I happen to go at, but I am excited to have the accountability that comes with joining the challenge & checking in with others! These first couple of days, I’ve been able to get a little ahead in my reading. However, I’m uncertain of whether I will be able to actually finish in 90 days… but I really want to try! Would you encourage me along the way???

Oh, how I long to make God such a part of my every day… my every moment! How about you?? What are ways you have found to make sure that you are spending time with God?? I would love to hear your ideas!


  1. I love this post – thanks for the encouragement, I’m passing it on to others :)

  2. Thank you for this post! Although I do many of the things on our list, I somehow feel I don’t spend enough time in His word. Now I am equiped with many more idea’s to help me stay focused in Him through out my day! ~Blessings~

  3. HI there! Found your blog on the hip homeschool hop. Your family is just beautiful, and I love your post. So many great reminders! I love photography, so lately I’ve been pairing some of my favorite photos with favorite verses and posting them on my blog. I want to print them and stick them up all over my house! ;)
    Following you now!

  4. Great ideas. I need to get up before every one else in the morning for my quiet time or else it doesn’t usually happen. Love to start my day with God’s Word.

  5. Thank you for the post. I’m working to spending time everyday in the Word but still find it hard (and I only have one little one). Thank you for your great ideas. I will be trying to stick to more of them!

  6. These are wonderful tips to help busy mommas keep focused on Him!

    I’m also in the 90day challange – so I’ll encourage you :)

  7. I needed this today :)! Thank you!

  8. Great post, Jessica! It is hard a lot of times to find the time to spend with the Lord. BUT, we often find times to do everything else we WANT to do!

  9. I have been looking for something to help keep me accountable to spending time in the word! Especially before the baby comes! Maybe this will help me utilize this time.. plus then it brings me to my last four weeks!! YAY!! Thank you for your post today Jessica!!

  10. AMEN! One thing I have is a bible app on my phone. I have several different devos on the bible app that I like to do so I do that when I am breast feeding. :) I cant turn a page in a book very easily while breastfeeding but holding my phone and scrolling is much easier.

    I am one to pray when I am in the shower or going to the bathroom. :)

  11. These are great ideas! My kids are older (12 & 16) and I work full time so these still apply to me even though my situation is different. I was wondering how you got those boxes to show up under ‘linked to’. I would love to ‘link’ to things from my blog. I am still new to blogging and trying to figure it out. Thanks for your encouragement!


  12. God is using you in mighty ways dear friend! You are a blessing and a light to those God has placed in your path, keep up the great work. It would be an honor to encourage you! I know you can do it! I see the love you have for your Savior and how much you want to honor Him in all you do, even through the difficult. I happened to be in Psalm 139 and I fell in love with the wording in my HCSB translation and wanted to share it with you….just so you know how precious you are to your King (and your friend:)!) Starting in verse 3 it reads: You observe my travels and my rest; you are aware of all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue, You know all about it, Lord. You have encircled me (WOW); You have placed Your hand on me. This extraordinary knowledge is beyond me. It is lofty; I am unable to reach it.
    This stands true for you Jessica, for each of your children, and for Gabe. He has “encircled” each of you, He has “placed His hand” on each of you. Praying you through!

  13. oh my ! I’d love to live by you and see those gorgeous shining faces every day! Children are such a blessing from God and I just love to be an encouragement and blessing to mothers with young children. (mine are 14, 19 and 4 in heaven) Keep up the good work! Putting God 1st in everything is the key to everlasting joy and peace.