Talking to Children About God

As mothers, the ultimate goal in all that we do should be to point our children to Christ… over & over & over again!! This is my heart’s desire- to continually lead my children to the throne of God. This can take place in so many ways, at so very many different times… one of the many ways is to continually talk to our children about God, His Word & His ways!!

Alyssa reading God's Word Elliana reading God's Word

This may sound simple & easy, yet, when first beginning (& even after having had a lot of practice), it can seem a bit awkward or even scary!! I’ve often wondered… “What should I really say?”… “Does my infant (or toddler, or 6 year-old) even understand anything I am saying?”… “What if I say the wrong thing?”… “I don’t know enough to teach my children.”… “Why is this important anyway?”… “I don’t have anything to say.”… “Won’t they be turned off from God if I’m continually telling them what He wants them to do or not to do?”… “I’ve said this a thousand times & they don’t seem to be getting it.”… “I feel silly talking about God A.L.L. T.H.E. T.I.M.E.”… the list goes on!

Some of these are very valid concerns, yet, the truth is that no matter how we feel, God has called us to…

*continually (day & night) talk to our children about Him & His ways!
“These words which I command you today shall be in your heart. Impress them on your children. Talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, & when you rise up.” –Deuteronomy 6:6-7.

*be ambassadors (representatives/messengers) of Christ to our children!
“We are Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us…” –2 Corinthians 5:20 {The rest of the passage surrounding this verse, talks more about how we can be reconciled to God, & is a wonderful summary of what the gospel is all aboutwhich is what we are to share with our children!!}

This means that… when we wake our children up in the morning (“This is the day the Lord has made!”)… when a child scrapes his knee (“I’m so glad that God is our healer. Do you remember the story of the lame man?”)… while eating a peanut-butter & jelly sandwich (“Jesus said He is the bread of life, & if we believe in Him we will never go hungry!”)… when cleaning up after the fifth spilled milk that day (“God says I should do everything without complaining, so instead of complaining, I want to have a grateful heart. Thank-you, God, that we have more milk!”) when a child tells a lie (“God is truthful, & He commands us to keep our lips from speaking lies.”)… while doing schoolwork (“Let’s work hard, as working for the Lord, not for men, for He will reward us.”)… when we need to ask our children for forgiveness (“Mommy needs a Savior too! I’m so glad that God loved me enough to send His son Jesus to die for my sins.”) while playing a game (“God has given us so many great things, what an awesome God who takes care of our needs, as well as lets us have fun!”) when a child disobeys (“Were you obeying or disobeying? God commands us to obey our parents so that it will go well with us… let’s practice.”)… when a child sins (“Isn’t it amazing that Jesus never sinned, yet He loved us so much that He died taking the punishment we deserved?”)… when calling someone on the phone (“God says all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved! I’m so glad we can talk to God all the time!”)… as we are changing a diaper (“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, & with all your strength.”- while moving babies hands- *point to heart *stretch arms out *point to mind *make “muscles”)… when putting on pajamas (“God says we should clothe ourselves with Jesus, & not think of any sinful thing. How can we clothe ourselves with Jesus?”)… when lying down for bed (“Let’s talk to God about our day!” Maybe you need to talk about how God’s mercies are new every morning, or can take that opportunity to praise God!)… etc. etc. etc. we should take these opportunities to talk to our children about God!!!

As I said earlier, this may not come naturally! It certainly doesn’t for me (although I hope that I am getting better… my wonderful mother-in-law is so good about this with our kids- I’ve learned a lot from her), yet it is what God has called us to do!! When I’m worried about saying “the right thing”, I remember that if I am speaking “The Word of God”, I cannot go wrong! :) It also helps to practice (as silly as it may sound), so…

How about you?? Are you continually, intentionally talking to your children about God??

What would YOU say in these situations…
*when you are going for a walk?
*when pushing your child on the swing?
*when giving baths?
*when clipping coupons?
*when scrubbing the floor?
*when making food?
*when your child hits a sibling?
*when you are tired & crabby?
*when it is raining outside?
*when writing a letter?
*when looking for Easter eggs?


  1. Very good post! Thank you!

  2. Love the scriptures you shared for everyday ways to talk about God to our children. I especially love being outdoors to talk about God’s beautiful creation :)

  3. Good post! I find that I do talk about God with my kids a lot, but often, they bring it up too. My four year old just started school this year, and her teacher has really nurtured a love for God and His word. She brings Him up in almost every conversation we have!

  4. I really liked your post especially the scripture you shared.

  5. I am always so encouraged by your words! I still feel awkward when talking about Jesus and God to my litle ones – and I’m so glad that I’m not the only one!! Lovely verses to go along with day to day activities. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I truly think God led me to your site. He has been showing me the error of my ways and blessing me with His wisdom, strength and courage to change and grow in Him. One major area I’ve been convicted in is guiding my girls to Jesus. Your blog has been such a help. And I have been trying to find ways to explain to my oldest who is 4, the importance of needing Christ in our lives daily. The advice you have given is, as you said, so simple, but I never even thought to do it this way. Thank you so much for what you do and being such an inspiration. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you. :-)

  7. amen amen amen!! We should be daily taking as many moments as possible to impress the joy of the Lord and his salvation into the lives of our children!! My gal can’t talk yet but, we read her picture bible a lot and pray together. Gotta start early righgt! Great post!

  8. I know you probably hear this much, and I am glad that you do because you are obedient to the Lord and it shows. Anyways, you have truly blessed me through your blog and your encouragement. Your words are exactly what I need to hear on the right day and the right moment. I appreciate you writing what the Lord puts on your heart because you are encouraging so many women. We just had our third boy and honestly and unfortunately shamefully I say that I am overwhelmed right now. It is amazing that you have 6 under six because I am trying to draw all the strength from the Lord with just 3! Anyways, I found you through a friends blog and I am really enjoying your posts. Thank you so much!

  9. I think you should write a book. :)

  10. This is one of the things that is at the top of my prayer list every day as a mother, to talk to my children about God. I think it is so important, and like you said it is what the Bible says to do. So I loved reading your examples to give me some more ideas of how to do it.
    I try and point them to God a lot as the source of everything that we have. So when it is a sunny day we thank God for it, and if it is raining I tell them how God made the rain too, to give the plants water so they can grow, and when they are blessed by something, that it is God who it really comes from. When I am tired I ask them to pray for me for energy!
    Thank you for sharing your ideas :)

  11. I enjoyed reading your article. During our bible study class last night we discussed the importance of talking to our children about GOD and helping them learn about studying GOD’s WORD (bible study structured for children). If our children have a strong foundation in the WORD, they will choose paths that are pleasing to them, to us (their parents) and to GOD. Thank you and Abundant Blessings.