the words every mother needs to hear

The Words Every Mother Needs to Hear

For all of you mamas with precious little (and not-quite-so-little-anymore) ones that have filled your womb, your home, or your heart – your labor of love and prayers and kingdom work matters! “To the best mommy ever.” Words written in bright crayon after the morning of frustration and doors slamming and yelling over muddy footprints […]

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A Decade of Missing My Daddy


It’s been a decade – forever ago and just yesterday all wrapped into one. And the memories are all faded and jumbled. But I remember my tummy. How the knots squeezed tight on my belly swollen so round that I couldn’t see over or around or through. And two babes toddled at my feet as […]

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12+ Favorite Activities for Easter (it’s all about Christ!)


So, yeah, the story of Easter is tough. It is painful, soul-ripping, and gloriously beautiful. In the end we find it’s a story of deep sacrifice, extraordinary love, and ultimate victory. But getting to that point can be quite excruciating. At Christmas we fall in love with Jesus – God with us – right there […]

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To My Only Son – on Your 8th Birthday


Yeah, everywhere we go, you’re the boy with all those sisters – The one with crazy energy and far more passion than I ever thought possible. The little man striving to exhibit incredible strength, courage, and honor amidst all things girly. The son that I never in a million years could’ve realized how very much […]

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Why it’s been so quiet around here

why it's been so quiet around here

For years her words whispered softly from behind closed doors and with little ones underfoot and that giant pile of laundry. She painted with words that she prayed would bleed grace and shout hope through the aching. And she cried out something desperate when she reasoned she was losing her ever-loving mind. And as she […]

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When you think you can’t do this anymore

When you think you can't do this anymore

I scratch out these words with fingers trembling – With this deep ache to get real and raw and vulnerable but just not knowing how. I. Am. Afraid. Weeks into the new year and I’m already shaking, slipping, shattered. Maybe it’s the aching realization that I’m just not cut out for this anymore. Some boy […]

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To Moms Everywhere – what you need to hear this Christmas

To Moms Everywhere - at Christmas

To you moms everywhere, at Christmas – I see you sweet mama with hair in a messy bun and icing on your cheek as you stand in last year’s Christmas pajamas clattering out bowls as cereal gets dumped to overflowing – feeling this crazy concoction of being amazingly blessed and fiercely terrified right at this […]

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When the World is a Mess at Christmas

when the world is a mess at Christmas

Ten days before Christmas and it gets to feeling like the whole wide world is crumbling all around you. Squabbles over red cups drown out the songs of a Savior. And the tones of the bell ringers ring muffled by anger rising in the streets. And although it seems quite trivial, I never did print […]

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What I Want You to Know on Your 11th Birthday

what I want you to know on your birthday

I don’t know where in this crazy world those eleven years of giggles and laundry and pigtails and snuggles and reading stories together and nighttime prayers have gone. But somehow you sweet beauties that made me a mama will blow out your eleven birthday candles tonight. And though my heart is about to burst with […]

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When Grieving for My First Baby

When Grieving for My First Baby

A dozen years since that day I crumpled to the floor. Tears streaked all blotchy and lungs gasped fighting for one more stale breath. Twelve years. But the semblance of having a baby ripped right out from the inside still leaves its ache. It was the first time in our marriage that we had to […]

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