The Truth You’ve Got to Know – (and is changing my world)

I know exactly when it happened. When I sat straight up in bed and began frantically thumbing through the pages of this well worn Book. My husband laying all broad, turned over awake from my jostling. Eyes melting into mine – this loving plea to rub soft fingernails across his back. But he’d have to […]

What Every Moment Needs

So it began. And so it ends. And this redeemed soul can’t help but strive to be a part of the symphony. As David penned it, so blessing God and giving Him glory must be the alpha and the omega of my beating heart – and every note in between. At 2am and in sloshy […]

When Wondering If You’re Enough

Come the one-hundred forty-first day of school, you can find yourself standing at the kitchen sink with a girl crunching apples to the beat of the clock ticking loud – Beating as if it were your own heart thumping lower. And you can stare out the window watching snow dripping puddles and the train rumbling […]

How to Make a Difference When (Stuck) at Home

My heart is all aching ready to burst – craving something radical. A deep longing in my soul to make a difference in the whole wide world. And I’m at home – With half a dozen beautiful kids and days that go by like I’m dragging our house on my back turtle fashion, and yet […]

When Motherhood Looks a Bit Dreary (12 Things I MUST Remember)

Because I want our children to have these memories of a mama who smiles easily, listens closely, shapes laughter and grace, compassion and thanks and all these good days out of all the tangled craziness. But I’m not sure when it happened. When I first realized the sighs and whines and groans slipping out of […]

For the Guilty Mama

When our Elliana-girl came in and threw herself on the foot of our bed, I knew she was searching for a way to stand. “What do I do now?” She rolled over and I could see the red in her eyes, the blotchiness stained across her face. I moved closer as she grabbed hold of […]

When Your Love Life is Disappointing

As close to the edge of our bed as possible I lie with my head buried in my pillow. Eyes burning with tears. Defeat. Frustration. Hurt. Failure. Broken pieces pile high and pierce my soul. The door opens slowly. I feel the slouch in his shoulders – the pain in his steps. I don’t dare […]

What We Need When Feeling Behind

Right after I climb in, I go scrambling for my phone to snap the picture. There are smiles in a two-year old and her big brother worth capturing. My husband raises his eyebrows. “You’re taking a picture now?” He’s grinning boyish. Annabella’s crying over lost mittens. Alyssa’s trying to get the sobbing girl buckled. Elliana […]

How to Really See Good – On the Days You’d Rather Stay in Bed

Half a dozen little feet pitter-patter on the floor right outside my doorway. And the hands ticking on the clock next to my bed won’t stop their nudging. I lay all wrapped in warmth, hoping to stay hidden in the shadows of the blankets for a few more moments. And silent tears soak into my […]

Why I Will Never Be Super-Mom

When the boy yanks off his boots, the ridiculously small ones still trying to hang on through the winter, he sits in a puddle of muddied slosh and grins like he’s swallowed half a snowman. And with coat and mittens flung to the side, he scoops up a handful of the dripping, grubby mess and […]