Longing for More of God – and secretly wondering if you should just give up {Colossians – Week 2}

A week of reading God’s heart in words – And I find myself longing for more. It’s as if these letters penned centuries ago were scratched out on those pages just for me. For as the darkness rages around me, I can’t help but be dazzled by His love, His light, His truth. Yet I […]

God’s Mighty Hand (1 Peter-Week11)

It’s just about the end of this letter, and I can’t tell you what a joy it has been to soak in Truth of all He is and does. And my heart has been stirred, creating in me a desire to emulate Him, and to live for Him each day. And this week – it […]

Getting God’s Word Into My {Kid’s} Heart

How do we encourage our children to hide God’s Word in their little (and not so little) hearts? (Love how this one says “prais the LORD my soup!”) It’s finding the simple. The fun. The beautiful ways of imprinting Scripture on the hearts of our kids, as we’re engraving it in our own. It’s breathing […]

When I’m Feeling Desperate – Join me!?

Come one month into the new year and depression pursues – her and I too well acquainted. I recognize her in the shadows and the secret places of my heart. And I find myself on hands and knees in desperation crawling to the Father. For although smiles and blessings are still evident, I’ve let the […]

Conquering Ephesians – Week 10

We are home! My heart is full and my eyes a bit teary (and tired) after a most precious weekend. We felt the sweet presence of God every step of the way, and were truly blessed – beyond blessed! Thank you for praying, and for your continued prayers as we seek God and His guidance […]

Praise Him! {Memorizing Psalm 145- Week 10}

Palm branches high, we cry out – Hosanna! He is here and He is coming! Saving us from sin, fear, guilt, and hopelessness. Hosanna! Praise God, the God who saves us! It’s no mistake that we are right back to praising God! Words of His greatness, mighty acts, love, compassion, glory, splendor, trustworthiness, faithfulness, provision, […]

What Do You Fear? {Memorizing Psalm 145-Week 9}

I’ve written about fear before – how it can wrap its pain-stabbing grip around our hearts and minds and leave us frozen. Yet, there is only One to fear! And as much as I’d like to believe that fearing God means only that I am in complete awe of Him (which is a part of […]

Words for the Wounded-Memorizing Psalm 145-Week 8

I read your words in an email last week. Your wounds raw and aching. Tears pouring through each pain-filled sentence. My heart started bleeding right there with yours – In the middle of the lines filled with questions… and yet faith. And with all my strength I wanted to tear my shirt and throw dust […]

Falling {Memorizing Psalm 145- Week 7}

This memorizing Scripture. It’s like plowing through the snow with a toy front-end-loader truck. Pushing… pushing… drudging through… trying to make its mark against the vast white. And you look back to see the trench you’ve dug – to find more snow falling. Always falling. And always wanting more. So I just keep going, breathing […]

What Are You Living For? {Memorizing Psalm 145–Week 6}

Early Friday morning, one of my sweet grandma’s breathed her last breath on this side of eternity. As our family grieves the loss of a loved one, I’m reminded how very short our time here on earth really is. Even if we live a good, full life as my grandmother did – our days are […]