A New School Year Begins

We’ve started a whole new year of homeschooling. Here’s a bit of my mind swirling – and a glimpse into what we’ll be using this year. Want to see? My eyes look back and marvel at the trail behind. Wondering when these half a dozen kids grew all lanky. How could I blink and miss […]

Kindergarten Favorites

A sense of panic coursed through me as I contemplated each quality on the list. There, recorded in front of me, was written what a prospective church desired in their next pastor. The list was filled with awesome, wonderful characteristics & qualities that I truly believe my husband possesses. But, then, somewhere around the middle […]

Our Homeschool Days

We are over a month into our homeschooling journey for the year, & I can’t even begin to explain what a blessing it has been for us! Yes, we have had our moments of struggles & sour attitudes {{Mommy included- embarrassed sigh!}}, but our “school time” has truly been one of the most enjoyable times […]

Homeschool Curriculum 2011-2012 *Kindergarten*

Wow! August is here & the summer is going so quickly… we’ve had so much fun- but, at our house we really don’t mind because we love doing school so much (this Mommy especially loves the “routine”… which I’ll share about later!)! :) And, this year, Kayla, our 5-year-old will officially be “in school” as […]

Graduating from Kindergarten

What an exciting year our twins have had using Heart of Dakota’s “Little Hearts for His Glory” curriculum!! I can hardly believe that our first official year of homeschooling has come to an end! We were all a bit sad & a bit happy all at the same time today!! It was hard to say […]

Homeschooling- The 3 R’s (Kindergarten)

“The 3 R’s”… Reading, Writing & Arithmetic… are often looked at as the “most important subjects” in school! And they are VERY important!! I LOVE how our Kindergarteners can read well enough to read their own Bibles!! And, they can write out Bible verses, prayers & encouraging cards!! And, they are gaining so much knowledge […]

Kindergarten Learning Fun

I can hardly believe that we only have 10 more weeks of Kindergarten left for Alyssa & Elliana! The year is going so quickly, and has continued to get better and better (which I never would’ve imagined- since we have truly loved it from the start)! Using Heart of Dakota’s “Little Hearts for His Glory” […]

Kindergarten Activities

It is hard to believe, but we are already half way done with Alyssa & Elliana’s kindergarten year! They have had so much fun doing Heart of Dakota’s “Little Hearts for His Glory”!! Each week seems to get more & more fun & exciting as we continue on with this Christ-centered learning program… and I […]

Are We Still Doing School??

After sharing our “secret news” the other day, many of you have been wondering if we have still been doing school with the girls. And if we are, how we get everything done while mommy is feeling so sick & Christmas is just around the corner. Well, the answer is… YES!! I am happy to […]

Loving Kindergarten

This past month has been so much fun for our sweet Kindergarteners! They went on their first “real” vacation… they turned 6 :)… they have enjoyed the many beautiful Fall days… & they have continued to love Kindergarten!! Using Heart of Dakota’s “Little Hearts for His Glory” has made my job as a homeschool mom […]