My Absolute Favorite Way to Memorize Scripture (and- Do you want to build a snowman?)

The week before Easter and we’ve got this glistening of sugar snow swirling and blanketing the earth with white. And my kids look out the window and it only takes about two point four seconds before someone starts singing, “Do you want to build a snowman?” And groans of the cold that seek to overwhelm […]

Painting His Story – Beautiful Cross Silhouettes

God paints His glory across the heavens, and writes the story of His great love on each page of His Book. How He is mighty and glorious. How He has been King from the beginning. How He’s already won. How thousands of years before Jesus rode on a donkey as the crowds proclaimed Him king, […]

I Don’t Want to Forget

Oh, this Love that reaches through time and stretches out nail scarred hands from everlasting to everlasting – giving us always and infinitely more than enough. This Love bleeding grace – the only thing that is ever enough. I don’t want to forget. I don’t want my kids to forget. When their all kinds of […]

Before the Wind Blows Over It (Kids Memorizing Psalm 103)

We’ve been talking about how short our lives here on earth really are in light of eternity. And although one might think this reality would lead me to hurry and get as much as I possibly can done in these years that will soon be gone with a blow of the wind – it’s had […]

The Best Way to Learn Scripture (for my kids and me)

By living it. What greater way for my kids and for me (oh, yes, me! – how I need this!) to not only read and speak and hear His Words, but to have them so wrapped around our lives that we live them!? For these verses this week spoke pure grace into my life. When […]

When Things Get Silly (Kids Memorizing Psalm 103)

So, it turns out we can get a bit silly around here – These five girls and their brother. Just bring out the crayons and the paper with a head-sized hole cut out, and it doesn’t take long before kids are spouting out memory verses all girlish and giggly and low-down manly as they do […]

One of the Quickest Ways to get God’s Word in Little Hearts

So, the last few days, we’ve been passing around this pestering fever, this aching sickness that’s crept its way into just about all of us. And I wasn’t sure amidst all of the pillows and blankets and beds made everywhere if we’d do much more than whisper about the verses while frail bodies lay sprawled […]

For When I’m Not Sure How He Loves Me

There are those of us with wombs that have never cradled tiny humans. And those of us with arms aching from carrying toddlers all day long. There are those of us with homes now all silent and empty. And those of us with houses that strain to hear the faintest whispers of quiet amidst laughter […]

Getting God’s Word Into My {Kid’s} Heart

How do we encourage our children to hide God’s Word in their little (and not so little) hearts? (Love how this one says “prais the LORD my soup!”) It’s finding the simple. The fun. The beautiful ways of imprinting Scripture on the hearts of our kids, as we’re engraving it in our own. It’s breathing […]

Needing Jesus This Easter

So here I am, the week of Easter, dry and weary, behind and muddy, striving with each breath to focus my heart on the King. God knows that come yesterday and cranky children, my own piercing words, and moments of just trying to get by – I sat with hands covering face as tears poured […]