He keeps stealing my heart

So this guy – it’s been 14 years – and he just keeps stealing my heart every day. Our life together has been a joy. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband, friend, or father to my kids. Gabe, you make my heart skip a beat still, and I love walking this life with […]

The One Thing I Need to Remember This New Year

So it came and it went. It wasn’t perfect. And I never did get it all done. And it feels all hollow and too quiet in this mess of a home filled with empty packages and mountains of laundry and tiny pieces of new toys flung everywhere. The world just doesn’t seem to have the […]

Happy Birthday, my Loving Girl!

Dear Precious Annabella Love, The girl with the sparkling blue eyes and the cutest smiles and the sweet, gentle spirit – The girl who four years ago today melted my heart with one glance, And for weeks and now years showed me how this love though divided over and over – Just keeps on multiplying. […]

One Most Important Thing I Can Do as a Mother

Hours before that little one pulls herself up at my side and snuggles into the covers to join my quiet moments with God. Before her big brother clomps down the stairs, peeping his big blue eyes around the corner, scrambling up and under. Before the changing and the feeding and the teaching and the playing […]