12+ Favorite Activities for Easter (it’s all about Christ!)

So, yeah, the story of Easter is tough. It is painful, soul-ripping, and gloriously beautiful. In the end we find it’s a story of deep sacrifice, extraordinary love, and ultimate victory. But getting to that point can be quite excruciating. At Christmas we fall in love with Jesus – God with us – right there […]

Colossians – Bible Studies & Family Bible Times for the whole family

A summer’s worth of days spent in these words scratched out centuries ago, and I know my heart won’t ever be the same. It was this awe-filled glory found in moments carved out and tucked in between picnics and pillow forts and that mountain of laundry. And though the pages in my Bible have turned, […]

Making Your Own Prayer Scrapbook

We’ve spent weeks coming to know our most incredible God. And the more I come to know Him, the more awe-struck I am that He desires for us to call out to Him with words and tears and joy-filled thanks. And yet, it’s so easy (maybe even more so as a family) to get stuck […]

Getting Kids to Obey!

Often times I feel like this whole parenting thing is this extravagant experiment. Maybe in some ways we’re all looking for that magic formula to get our kids to obey. And, if I’m honest, I don’t feel any more equipped now to raise these half a dozen awesome kids of ours than I did ten […]

Sharing the Gospel With Kids (With Lots of Dirt!)

There’s this favorite Family {Bible} Time of ours. We love it so much that I think we do a version of it at least once a year. (And on this hot summer day we opted for the swimming suit edition.) It’s a precious way to share the truths of the gospel with our kids. And […]

An Experiment for Those Sin Filled Days

This summer has been a whirlwind of crazy, fun, hard, beautiful days. And this week we’re finally all home (minus Daddy for part of the week). When we picked up the oldest girls from Bible camp last week their counselors boasted of how wonderfully the three sisters got along. On the way home, we hadn’t […]

A Favorite Hiding Place for Kids (Colossians Family Time #5)

I’ve spent the week with these three awesome, beautiful, crazy, fun kids of mine. The other half spent the week at Bible camp. (Somehow everything has seemed a whole lot simpler and harder with them gone.) The flip-flopping stomach and teary eyes of this mama didn’t even start until a couple hours after we dropped […]

One Simple Way to Share the Gospel with Kids {Colossians Family Time #4}

Oh, this beautiful story of Truth and Reconciliation, Of great Forgiveness and Grace, Of a Savior who reigns Supreme, Yet gloriously gives of Himself in Love and Sacrifice – For us. This is the Story I want my kids to know and love and claim as their very own – not just at Easter time, […]

10 Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Pray {Colossians Family Time #3}

Sure, we’re this sinful, striving, ordinary family – with kids that bicker and whine something fierce, and parents in desperate need of a Savior. And, yeah, there’s that darkness often surrounding. But somehow in this crazy world, the God of all grace, love, light, and hope whispers truth and speaks straight to hearts. And this […]

10 Dramatic Ways to Get Kids to Love the Bible! {Colossians Family Time #2}

I don’t know about you, but I want my kids to love the Bible. For God uses this Book penned straight from His heart to touch souls – young and old – and to change lives for our good and His glory. The more I read it and the more I see the mighty and […]