Ephesians – Bible Studies and Family {Bible} Times

A summer’s worth of days spent with knees and hearts bowed to the Father. And now the air has turned crisp and cool. And even through beautiful change His Words from this precious letter warm deep. This treasure of moments carved out and battled for in pursuit of the King of kings. And though the […]

Armor of God

We’ve spent a summer battling for the souls of our children. Knowing that the struggle will continue to ravage – seeking to devour. For there’s a vicious war taking place. This intense struggle against the rulers and the authorities and the powers of evil. And I’m soberly reminded of the importance of training and equipping […]

Family Fun – With a Twist

Sticky gooey smiles. And chocolate licking fingers. All a sweet lesson in serving from the heart. Family {Bible} Time – Conquering Ephesians – Week 11 (Corresponds with this week’s “Conquering Ephesians” Bible Study!) Are you ready to have a family fun night!? – or day or meal or picnic or party or campout like us!? […]

Shining His Light – Family Time!

We’ve shared so many priceless truths about God. His abounding love. His sweet divine grace. His inconceivably good ways. My heart is about ready to burst. And I pray that our kids see this flame burning bright. For when we come to know Christ, we become children of Light. Oh, that we would allow His […]

Sharing the Gospel With Kids (with a bit of dirt!)

There’s this favorite Family {Bible} Time of ours. We love it so much that I think we do a version of it at least once a year. It’s a precious way to share the truths of the gospel with our kids. And the conversations that bubble up and out from little hearts for weeks afterwards […]

When You Feel Like You Don’t Really Matter

I’m so overwhelmed by the support of you sweet mamas with little (and big) ones in church. Oh, how I know of the heart-ache of feeling overwhelmed, scrutinized, and like you just don’t fit anywhere. And you just. need. grace. It was two years ago today my husband was asked to leave the church we […]

Teaching Kids About God’s Immeasurable Love

Family {Bible} Time took place at Grandma and Grandpa’s house this week – in between swimming at the lake and fishing for the first time and sliding down waterslides and mosquito swatting and fingers all wrinkled and a trip to the zoo and lots of snuggles and mouths full of water and picnic lunches and […]

Drawing the Gospel and Leading Kids to Salvation

The more I learn about the Gospel – God’s sweet grace, His abounding love, His beautiful story of redemption – the more I fall in love, and the more I want to share this Good News with others. And this mamma’s heart? It beats louder and stronger for the hearts of my children. – To […]

The Mystery Revealed

A quick family {Bible} time, as our home (& backyard) have been full this week. Lord willingly, more tomorrow!! :) – Jessica Praying that God would reveal the depths and truths of His divine mystery in the hearts of the children in my home and in my backyard. Family {Bible} Time – Conquering Ephesians – […]

The Wall Destroyed

I marvel at how God has taken us from such plight to such glorious privilege. Estranged foreigners. Utterly poor. Without hope. Without God. But now because of Christ’s blood – Dissension, disunity, and division all crumble. And we who come to Christ are fellow citizens of heaven, members of God’s household. Where reconciliation and peace […]