Ephesians – Bible Studies and Family {Bible} Times

A summer’s worth of days spent with knees and hearts bowed to the Father. And now the air has turned crisp and cool. And even through beautiful change His Words from this precious letter warm deep. This treasure of moments carved out and battled for in pursuit of the King of kings. And though the […]

The Secret Give-Away Revealed!

So, I’ve been keeping this a secret for months. Having our lives packed into boxes – turned upside down and right side up has prolonged it a bit. But before that I just wasn’t sure how this would all look. I wanted time to talk with God and follow His leading. Along the way, I […]

Conquering Ephesians – Week 13

Here we are – the final week of our Ephesians study. We have battled for many moments, hours, and days in pursuit of our great God as we sought Him through each precious word. And He has done immeasurably more in hearts and minds than I ever could have imagined. To God be all the […]

Conquering Ephesians – Week 12 – Armor of God

If you haven’t already felt the battle raging – you will this week! After word upon word telling of our incredible wealth in Christ, and then the resounding echo describing how we should truly walk in Christ, we mustn’t think that the enemy is going to let such wealth and walk go unopposed! (Just think […]

Conquering Ephesians – Week 11

What a glorious week of recognizing my need for more of God. His light in my life. His guidance for every. single. moment. His Spirit filling each crack until it flows up and over. And now – now we look together at how to walk this life with those closest to us. These relationships that […]

Conquering Ephesians – Week 10

We are home! My heart is full and my eyes a bit teary (and tired) after a most precious weekend. We felt the sweet presence of God every step of the way, and were truly blessed – beyond blessed! Thank you for praying, and for your continued prayers as we seek God and His guidance […]

Conquering Ephesians – Week 9

Last week was an amazing week that took us from the incredible beliefs we’ve come to know and love in the first half of Ephesians, to our mission statement – a plea to live this life worthy of the calling we have received. From our wealth in Christ. To our walk in Christ. From the […]

Conquering Ephesians – Week 8

This past week was spent with knee and heart bowed to the Father in a gloriously beautiful prayer. What a most precious way to end the first half of Conquering Ephesians. The climatic doxology, masterfully marking off the section of this epistle where our wealth in Christ was made evident, filled my heart with praise […]

Conquering Ephesians – Week 7

This weary and wounded pauper of a mama (who also happens to have a birthday today) has marveled for a week at this great manifold wisdom of God revealed and how she can come boldly and confidently into the presence of the King of kings. And this week – it marks the half-way point in […]

Conquering Ephesians – Week 6

I sit with tears nearly falling from another week of pursuing God deeper. The minutes battled for have been well worth it as I find myself speechless yet again of our great God and His incredible work. Yet, I’m also tired. And I feel somewhat like a weary, wounded pauper dragging her feet as I […]