Colossians – Bible Studies & Family Bible Times for the whole family

A summer’s worth of days spent in these words scratched out centuries ago, and I know my heart won’t ever be the same. It was this awe-filled glory found in moments carved out and tucked in between picnics and pillow forts and that mountain of laundry. And though the pages in my Bible have turned, […]

Prayers and Popcorn {Colossians Family Time#8}

It has been an exciting time reading Colossians with our family! As we reach “the end” I’m thrilled to look back and see all the fun that we’ve had as little seeds of truth have been planted into the hearts of our children. From shaving cream on mirrors to painting upside down to finding hidden […]

The Godly Mixed-Up Family {Colossians Family Time #7}

If you’re like me, you long to have a family that loves God and ACTS like it. I want to be godly and do things right, yet sometimes I get things so mixed-up. Like the times when I get sucked into Pinterest and find that most awesome Thanksgiving craft that I should have started three […]

Put On Virtues {Colossians Family Time #6}

Whenever someone talks about fun family {Bible} time activities at our house, the time when we dirtied up clean white onesies of unsuspecting stuffed animals is ALWAYS mentioned. Our kids can’t help but remember the ketchup and dirt and barbeque sauce they smeared on as we talked about the dirtiness (sin) in their hearts… and […]

Things Above {Colossians Family Time #5}

It has been a crazy week. My to-do list was piled high… laundry just had to be done… and children seemed to need extra love and care. A sweet three-year old was found hiding out in the bathroom putting every band-aide left in the box on her little legs… make-up all over the floor… hair-cutting […]

Rooted In Christ {Colossians Family Time #4}

Some of you may be wondering why we take the time to do various Family {Bible} Time activities in our home. Today I was reminded why. It was so, so simple. But, this one simple lesson helped me remember that these fun, quick (yet profound and biblical) activities are just one way that we instruct […]

Hidden Treasure {Colossians Family Time #3}

I don’t know what it is about treasure hunts, but our kids LOVE them- Every. Single. Time. Maybe it’s the yearning in each one of our hearts for that special most precious treasure. Maybe it’s the desire God gives us to keep seeking and searching until we find it. There is no greater treasure that […]

In His Image {Colossians Family Time #2}

This week I’ve been struck by how much I need Jesus. And my kids need Jesus. As I read through the next section in Colossians, I have been in awe of the beautiful picture the words display of Christ’s incredible work on the cross. And how He came to rescue me. My kids. You. Your […]

Prayer Rocks {Colossians Family Time #1}

Prayer is something near and dear to my heart. Something I am continually growing in, and something I want my children to fall in love with. There are few things that tug on my heartstrings more than hearing the prayers of my precious three-year old… “Dear Jesus… Dear Jesus… Dear Jesus… ummm… ummm. Fank You […]