Colossians – Bible Studies & Family Bible Times for the whole family

A summer’s worth of days spent in these words scratched out centuries ago, and I know my heart won’t ever be the same. It was this awe-filled glory found in moments carved out and tucked in between picnics and pillow forts and that mountain of laundry. And though the pages in my Bible have turned, […]

The Final Week (Colossians – Week 10)

I can’t help but feel the tears trickling down my cheeks and the sweet smile on my lips. For we have sought to grow closer to our God, and have spent many moments, hours, and days being transformed by His hope and grace and love. And now, here we are, the very last week of […]

Needing God in our Marriages, Homes, and Lives (Colossians – Week 8)

There are a lot of hard and messy and hurt-filled moments in our home. I know that it may not seem that way. It’s easy to look at the pictures of smiling kids and read the stories of beautiful times, and conclude that we have it all together. But the truth is that there’s a […]

When Wanting a New Life (Colossians – Week 7)

I’ve loved the sweet messages that so many of you have slipped my way. It is humbling and unbelievably beautiful to see God working in lives around the world. – One thing many of you have mentioned is that you’ve fallen behind. May I tuck some encouragement in your heart? My hope for this study […]

There is Hope! {Colossians – Week 5}

Another week of reading of God’s imperishable hope and unfathomable goodness – and I grow more and more in awe of Him. How amazing that we can have hope and complete reconciliation. This reconciliation that comes not from our doing, but from a God so, so far greater and more wonderful than we could ever […]

The Day Love Won {Colossians – Week 4}

So, yeah… that day when the whole world seemed to declare that love had won? It had been this crazy concoction of a day filled with throwing everything but the kitchen sink into suitcases and filling water bottles and repacking bags the kids had gotten into and plotting how far we could make it to […]

When Needing to Be Rescued From Darkness {Colossians – Week 3}

Oh, my heart is heavy. But this week of reading about some of the beloved people written across the pages of His Word has brought me hope, And left me in awe of a God who would let the stories of lives lived centuries ago – trickle down to touch my heart. For these stories […]

Longing for More of God – and secretly wondering if you should just give up {Colossians – Week 2}

A week of reading God’s heart in words – And I find myself longing for more. It’s as if these letters penned centuries ago were scratched out on those pages just for me. For as the darkness rages around me, I can’t help but be dazzled by His love, His light, His truth. Yet I […]

illuminated – A Colossians Bible Study

I sit with heart heavy, but excitement reigning. For I know that as we seek to know God deeply, we will draw strength from Him, the most glorious Light. For He will go before us and will be with us as we surround ourselves with Truth! And we can be assured that as we surrender […]

When Desperate for More of God – a {free} Bible study for those longing for Light in their darkness

I feel this deep longing again – This ache that reaches right down to my soul. A desperate plea to know God better. To let His light shine through my darkest cracks. To be illuminated by Him. Amidst melt-downs over toothpaste or tackling mountains of dishes. Amidst little girl smiles that can melt any heart […]