Now She’s 7 Years Old

She’s the girl that sparks sweet joy in our hearts.

She’s the girl that teaches us more about love.

She’s the girl that sings glorious songs every day.

She’s the girl that shows us how to be brave.

And I’m in awe of the ways that her beauty and her strength, her uniqueness and her creativity, her kindness and each lovely offering continually display the gracious, beautiful love of God.

beautiful birthday girl

Happy 7th Birthday

Annabella and Mom - birthday day

sweet sister birthday cards

Bella is 7

Oh, Annabella Love –

I’ll take the singing in the bathroom from the top of your lungs,

The smiles and hugs as you show me your love,

The countless drawings scattered all over the house,

The snuggles as you sound out each and every new word,

The cartwheels tumbled across the living room floor,

And the heart-stopping that comes from watching you fly.

love her

Bella's favorite gift

The birthday gymnast

birthday girl

Annabella's birthday

You captured my heart seven years ago, and you just keep doing it over and over. I am so honored to be your mama. Oh how I love you!

Keep being brave and kind, precious girl. Keep looking to Jesus. Keep singing and praying and dancing and laughing.

Annabella - birthday girl

Happy 7th Birthday, Annabella Love!
You have my heart!
Love, Mommy