The Day She Turned 10

I don’t know how in this crazy world a decade’s worth of days has gone by.

Just yesterday I crawled right into that crib with you as your tears mixed with mine. And I prayed something fierce that you would sleep and that no one would see me curled up in those bars around this seven and a half pound bundle of love.

For only God knew how much I needed you – you, this blue-eyed beauty that brought smiles in the sorrow and taught me to breathe through grief.

And I swear all I did was blink, and all of a sudden here you are blowing out ten candles on your birthday cake.

And you’ve still got the most glorious way of bringing joy to those around you.

beautiful birthday girl

birthday girl

10 candles


Oh, my sweet Kayla, our lives are a whole lot more beautiful and fun and joy-filled because of you!

Your creativity and imagination, your silliness and the way you tilt your head back when you laugh –

Your tender heart and gentle hugs, your smiles that dance around the room and the way you sing your heart out to God –

Your compassion and friendship, your kindness and the way you are awed by the splendor found in the little things –

These, Kayla, these are all radical displays of God’s love shining in and through and out you. And who am I to get to witness them?

Happy 10th birthday, Kayla!


beautiful Kayla


Keep displaying His glory, Kayla!

Keep showing beauty and grace and love!

Keep blowing this mama kisses and knocking on my door to talk late in the night!

And please don’t ever stop finding Joy surrounding!

Kayla's 10th bithday

my 10 year old

Happy 10th Birthday, Kayla Ann!!
You will always and forever be a glorious reminder that God is good – and brings joy to the hurting.
Oh, how we love you!


  1. Jennifer says:

    Laura looked at these with me and said, “Who is that with Kayla?” I told her it was you and she says, “Doesn’t look like her. Her hair looks different. It makes her look younger.”

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Kayla! She and Annagrace share the same month. Her birthday ws the 9th, she turned 9 this year.
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family.