When Needing to Be Rescued From Darkness {Colossians – Week 3}

Oh, my heart is heavy.

But this week of reading about some of the beloved people written across the pages of His Word has brought me hope,

And left me in awe of a God who would let the stories of lives lived centuries ago – trickle down to touch my heart.

For these stories are a sweet reminder that heroes of the faith, their people, and their countries got things so very wrong at times too.

And although this heart of mine might be reluctant at times, and uncertain that the minutes scattered throughout the day are making any difference –

I can’t help but bless the Lord for His redemption and forgiveness, hope and truth right along with Paul!

And, oh, the words that we will read and write and listen to and speak and meditate on and live this week, are words that can become a beautiful prayer helping us through some of our darkest days. For they are truth! And they turn our eyes to the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

So whether you are feeling discouraged or broken, faithful or blessed – these words of hope and joy and grace and ultimate glory are for you!

Will you come bask in His goodness along with me!?

Colossians - Week 3 - Our Family For His Glory

As we open up the pages of this Book once again this week, we’re going to take time to really study these life-breathing Words.

For many of you, this will all be new. But, don’t worry – I’ll walk you through it (with extra-wordy explanations to help you – smile). And pretty soon it will all come much more naturally. Take this week to learn some new ways to study your Bible. What you will find on these pages are ways of studying the Bible that have truly changed my life. But, please don’t worry if you only get to a few words or verses (depending on the day). God will honor those minutes snuck in between kids and dishes, work and t-ball practice. And, if you get to nothing else – simply pray over it and read it! I know you’ll be blessed.

This week we’ll use a Bible study tool that has probably been the most influential in helping me to pay attention, engage with, and get excited to learn from these live-breathing Words of God –

It’s marking up & illustrating my Bible.

Filling the pages of God’s Word with colors and symbols and pictures and handwritten words.
(Don’t worry if you’re a little anxious to color in your Bible as I still am at times, you can use your journal writing, or any print-out of Colossians – whatever you’re comfortable with!)

Bible markings - Colossians

At first I was a bit hesitant to mark up (all-be-it in a good way) this most precious Book. But now, I absolutely love how it…

*Helps me pay attention to what I am reading.
*Provides a way to be actively engaged with the Word.
*Allows me to slow down and notice {many} things I hadn’t before.
*Gets me into the Word, as I read the text over and over while marking it up.
*Is beautiful. What a precious keepsake a Bible with loving marks and heart-felt words will be someday!
*Doesn’t (and probably shouldn’t) have to look like everyone else’s. (Here’s the “creative” side of me coming out- smile.) I can come up with my own pattern of marking my Bible, and nobody can deem it wrong. Hooray! (Now, if you like to have ideas, here’s a great list of symbols that you can print off and/or use as a reference – I’ve looked at it many times.)
*Is a great way to involve my kids as they come and go throughout my Bible reading (for they love to see the colors and pictures, and sometimes I’ll even be brave enough to let them help).

Colossians Bible markings

marking my Bible - Colossians

One of my favorite ways to do this is to illustrate the passage as I’m reading. I simply pause now and then to draw something that illustrates the words. And, no, I’m not an artist. I often use stick figures. :) But, it truly is a beautiful way to slow down and focus on Scripture.

{I usually use colored pencils, but I’ve been known to use Crayola twistable crayons when that’s all we’ve had, and they’ve worked just fine. :)}

how to mark your Bible

My other favorite way is to mark the actual words using a variety of colors and symbols. Here’s a glimpse into how I marked Colossians 1:3-14. But remember, your markings may look completely different than mine, and coming up with your own system might be even better! (You’ll just want to use a notecard to note your symbols and marking methods for easy reference!)

    • I began by praying for guidance!
    • Then I read the entire section without marking anything.
    • I read through the passage again, marking all references to God and Christ with yellow. (I chose yellow, but you can choose any color/marking, and remember to look for and mark words like- He, His, Him, Lord, Jesus, Spirit, etc. If you’d like- make different symbols for Father, Son, and Spirit.)
    • I marked God’s actions with purple (for His royalty)- what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do- all got marked.
    • Then, going through the passage once again, I marked any obvious instructions and commands to the reader. I chose green to mark instructions/commands we should follow (like a green light reminding me to go and do them), and I chose red to mark what we should not do (like a red light reminder to stop doing those things). In this passage there wasn’t much to mark, but I did put a red X above the word “not.”
    • As I went through the passage the next time, I circled transitional words– such as… so that, and, though, for, in this, therefore, but, yet… This helped me to notice the links between the words before and after each transitional word. (And I double underlined the words all and always and every.)
    • Then I took time to make symbols or illustrations for other things that I wanted to note…  thanks– colorful “rays” pointing up, pray– an arrow pointing up and down, faith– a purple mountain with a cross on top, love– a red heart, hope a star, grace– a purple gift, light– rays of light shining, redemption– a hill with a cross on top, forgiveness– a shining cross…
    • I added different lists/notes explaining what I’m learning. (For this passage, I made a list of what Paul prayed for the Colossians – knowledge, wisdom, understanding, live worthy, please Him, bearing fruit, growing, strengthened, etc.) 
    • I thanked God for all He was teaching me.

It’s just one little way to soak up the Truth found in these Words. Are you ready to give it a try yourself??? (Along with some other really wonderful ways of studying His Words!?)

I’m praying that God will work in our hearts as we are illuminated by His truth.

Colossians Week 3 - Our Family For His Glory

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Will you seek the heart of our Father and be awed by His light along with me?


We have a beautiful week ahead – where we will seek our Rescuer, our Redeemer, our Forgiver. I’m praying for you right along with the words of Paul.

Last Week: Greetings From an Apostle of Christ – Colossians 1:1-2
Next Week: The Supremacy of Christ – Colossians 1:15-23


  1. Jessica, I LOVE THIS!! I too like to write in my Bible though I never have done it like yours. Mine is not as “organized” as yours. Thank you for the glimpse of your Bible and study notebook as I am always so interested to see what other people’s look like. Lol I do have a question for you. I have noticed in your notebook that you have written out Entire passages of scripture. Do you always write this much or do you just write a verse here and there??

    • Hi Jennifer!
      You’re always so sweet. :) I love seeing what other people do too, and honestly what I do is always changing and evolving.
      I do write out the entire passage of Scripture – I have found this to be so helpful. Other times I just write down my favorite verses or verses that really stand out to me. But often when I’m studying a Bible passage more in-depth I write the whole thing out. It does take a little more time, so sometimes my journal stays open on my bed for the majority of the day until the whole thing is written. :)
      Have a blessed week!