Living As Stewards of His Grace (1 Peter-Week 9)

And here we are at the end of a major section in 1 Peter.

Oh, how God has brought me to my knees time and time again through these words.

And this week as we look back and as we remember it’s all through Christ and for His glory, we’ll grow in His sweet grace once again!

There’s an urgency in these words – to live them out today.

All leading to this beautiful doxology of praise to our God.

I pray you’ll be blessed.

1 Peter Bible Study - Week 9 - Our Family for His Glory

This week I’m excited to introduce to you another (new to this study) way to look these incredible words up in their original language. For, I’m finding more and more what a beautiful aid this has been to understanding the words from the heart of God written out in my Bible.

Each week there’s at least one word (usually more like a handful) that has me seeing and understanding these words in a whole new light.

Finding that honoring others means we see their value, their worth – we see them through God’s eyes – as priceless, precious, children that He paid for with His life… and learning what it actually means to have a gentle and quiet spirit… and so much more has impacted my heart and my life in such a deep, beautiful (all-be-it-humbling) way.

So I want to give you one more way to do this.

It’s not better or worse than I truly like and use them both interchangeably. But, each one contains a few different features, so you may favor one over the other.

This time, we’re going to go back to

*Search for the Scripture passage in the translation you would like.

Blue Letter Bible 1a

*Click on the tools button to the left of the verse you’re studying.

Blue Letter Bible 2a

*Make sure that the Interlinear Tab (the blue one farthest to the left) is selected.

Blue Letter Bible 3a

*Under the verse, you will see the complete verse written out in Greek. Under that you’ll see the (English) verse written out in a column; then there’s a column telling the Strong’s number that goes along with word(s) in that row; then you’ll see the original Greek word (in Greek and in manuscript), and lastly you’ll see a little speaker button where you can listen to the pronunciation of the Greek root word.

Blue Letter Bible 3b

*Click on the hyperlinked Strong’s number next to the word you’d like to look up. (It will look something like this: G5547.)

Blue Letter Bible 4a

*Now, you can read all about the word.

Blue Letter Bible 5a

A lot of the information is the same. What I like best about is that it doesn’t matter which translation I’m on, I can hear the pronunciation of the Greek word, and it’s easy to click on the entry to the Vine’s Expository Dictionary that has VERY helpful definitions.

Blue Letter Bible 5b

I also like that if you scroll down you can see the concordance with complete verses throughout the Bible that contain that same word. (And they’re written in the translation of your choice.)

Blue Letter Bible 6a

{{If you’re loving, don’t worry I love that too! What I like best about is the ability to see a short definition quickly, I think it’s a little bit easier on the eyes, there is SO much other helpful information and Bible Study tools right in one spot, and I really, really, really like the HELPS Word-studies when they have them. – If you’ve seen them – you know what I’m talking about. :) – To see a tutorial on from earlier in 1 Peter go here.}}

Now you have another way to soak up the goodness and truth and life found in these words.

Let’s grow in His sweet grace once again!

1 Peter Week 9 - Our Family For His Glory

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1 Peter Week 9

We have a beautiful week ahead, with a sweet urgency to love deeply and live for His glory today!

I’d love for you to come and share what God is teaching you as you grow in His Word and as you learn His heart and as you live for Him! To Him be the glory and power forever and ever!

Let’s grow in the true grace of God together! (It’s NEVER to late to start!!)


Last Week: 1Peter 3:8-22 – Suffering for Righteousness’ Sake
Next Week: 1Peter 4:12-19 – Sharing in the Messiah’s Suffering


  1. Nicole Auld says:

    Hello Jessica,
    I am still with you. I haven’t did much commenting we just came back from a 5 day camping trip with our youth group. I have enjoyed 1 Peter and some of it has pierced me. Thank you for all the tools you have shared with us as we go through this study.

    In England,

  2. Verse 7 really spoke to me. I love how it says to be watchful unto prayer. I really struggle with prayer. I’m not sure why because I have seen so many answered in my life and in the lives of others, but I know that in the times when I least feel like praying I need to more than ever. It is something I need to work on. Being watchful unto prayer DAILY.