Unfading Marital Bliss (1 Peter-Week 7)

Here we stand at the half-way point in our study of 1 Peter.

And I can’t begin to explain the depth of encouragement, conviction, and blessing this time in God’s Word has brought to my days.

Last week was an incredible display of God’s grace in action –

How He shed His blood so that we could die to sin and live for righteousness.

And I am speechless.

And now, now we look at how to live day in and day out in our marriages. This union that sometimes comes so naturally and easily, but often comes painfully hard. What a blessing that God’s Words can bring hope and joy to my marriage – and yours!

I have a feeling that as we soak up more of His Words, we’ll find it’s less about us, and all for Him!

Let’s draw near to God, growing ever closer to His heart, as we learn to live lives of purity and reverence for Him.

1 Peter Week 7 - Our Family for His Glory

There is so much information (good and bad) surrounding us in regards to marriage and our roles as husbands and wives. I think this week is a really important week in studying what GOD says about these things!

So, get rid of any pre-conceived ideas or defensive feelings you may have, so that we can soak up the Truth of His Words!

Let’s seek God and His heart as we search Scripture to find what He says about the topic of marriage.

One helpful tool we’ll use this week is a topical Bible.

A topical Bible is just what it sounds like – a Bible that lists Scripture together by topics. I don’t have a topical Bible (because I much prefer my “regular” Bible), so I’m guessing many of you don’t either. But, this is one of the reasons I like BlueLetterBible.org – because they have topical Bibles for free online.

Do you remember how to get there?

*Go to BlueLetterBible.org and type “1 Peter 3” in the search box. Select the translation you would like to use, and click the “search” button.

topics 1

*Click on the “TOOLS” button next to the verse containing the word that you’d like to study further. (vs. 1 is good for “wife” and vs. 7 for “husband”)

topics 2

*This time we’re going to click on the reddish colored “DICTIONARIES” tab.

topics 3

*Or, you can get there the same way if you hover over the “TOOLS” button, and click on the reddish “DICTIONARIES” tab that pops up.

topics 4

*Either way, you will come to the “Reference Works” page for that verse. Scroll down to where wife/husband is located under one of the topical references (Nave’s Topical Bible and/or Torrey’s New Topical Textbook) and click on the link.

topics 5

*Hover over the Scripture links to read them right on the page. (Click on the links to take you to the verses in context.)

topics 6

Let’s seek His Word together. What a blessing it will be.

I’m praying for you this week, as we grow in God’s sweet grace for our marriages!

1 Peter Week 7

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1 Peter - Week 7

Oh, what an incredible week we have ahead of us – if we live these truths, we just might see our marriages transformed!

I’d love for you to come and share what God is teaching you as you grow in His Word and as you learn His heart and as you LIVE for Him… right in your kitchen, living room, bedroom!

Let’s grow in the true grace of God together! (It’s NEVER to late to start!!)


Last Week: 1Peter 2:11-25 – Glorifying God in Everyday Life
Next Week: 1Peter 3:8-22 – Suffering for Righteousness’ Sake


  1. Thank you for this! I’m starting the Bible study this week. This study came at just the right time for me for multitude of reasons. I so appreciate all the work you have put into this study guide and I’m looking forward to learning more. Thanks :)

    • Kelsey, I’m so glad you are joining in with us! I pray you will be blessed through these life-breathing words! And I look forward to hearing what God is teaching you along the way.

  2. Sarah R. says:

    Looking up the Greek definitions of words (something I had only done a few times before this study) has been a harsh but good addition to my Bible study. Reading about the “quiet spirit” Peter was talking about and came across ” describes being ‘appropriately tranquil’ by not misusing (or overusing) words that would stir up needless friction (destructive commotion)” . Wow! What a good reminder of how well God intimately knows our hearts and His Word is so exact in carving out those things not of Him. Quite uncomfortable at times, I must admit, but so so good.

    • Sarah- I completely agree. So often the things I’m learning are hard to swallow, but life-changing. So, so thankful God knows our hearts and walks with us through it all! :)
      Hugs to you! (And hoping to see you soon!)

  3. Hello! I wasn’t sure where to write this comment because it is all the way back from chapter 2:11-25. But here goes. I had a really hard time wrapping my mind around this passage. Honestly I questioned how it fits in with the love of God. Particularly the verse that says that God is pleased if we suffer for doing good and bear it patiently. How does this work in real life? For example, if a wife is being beaten, is she free to seek justice (don’t worry I am not being beaten, but there are Christian women who are). And what about Christians in Europe in WW2 – should they just have submitted to injustice and wickedness in their lands? Was it wrong for the colonists to rebel against England and form their own country due to high taxes? And what about all the verses in the Bible that talk about how God loves justice? These are the questions I wrestled with this week.

    I came to a few conclusions but I am not sure they are right.
    1. For sure, we are not to sin or act disrespectfully if we are being treated unjustly – we are to be known as good, righteous people even in the face of adversity.
    2. If the government provides justice for the afflicted in my country, it is not wrong to use the resources available – for example it is illegal for a husband to beat his wife in Canada so it is not wrong to seek justice and be delivered from this situation
    3. God calls us to “do justice” – Micah 6:8 so if I see some injustice it is rightto fight against it (WW2 for example)

    But what about if you are a Christian woman in Sudan who is being beaten by her Muslim husband and you have no upright government to defend you. In that case, you have no way out of your situation and the only thing left to do is to bear it righteously? Would it be wrong to try to escape????

    Does anyone else have thoughts on these questions?

    • Oh Erin- These are such GREAT questions! I wish I had the answers, as I’ve struggled with some of these same thoughts in the past as well.

      One thing that is important for me is to look at other Scripture to help understand what is being said. We know God is love because we read of His love all over the Bible – including in 1 Peter where we see His beautiful sacrifice for us, that He IS good, and that we are precious to Him (just a few things from earlier in chapter 2). We can also find accounts of people who did not submit to the government when they were told to sin (such as Daniel who continued to pray when there was a rule against it) – from this we can know that God and His Word should be followed above all else.

      It’s also important that we read what else Peter says about suffering- sprinkled throughout this first epistle we see that he has quite a bit to say about suffering. In chapter 1 we see that there are many kinds of suffering, they will help to prove our faith, and that they result in praise, glory, and honor. From looking back at that, I can see how suffering of all kinds can ultimately lead to His glory. It’s not that He is pleased with the suffering or the injustice (we know He is not ever pleased with sin!), but God in all His graciousness can bring about good from the oh, so hard. In chapter 3 we read about suffering again, and how it is better to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. (So, for a simple example – it’s better to suffer because you’re telling people about Jesus (with others maybe making fun of you, and in other countries particular, even martyrdom) – than to suffer for robbing a bank (going to jail). We’ll read even more about suffering in chapters 4 & 5. Throughout we find that Jesus, too, suffered unjustly, so He’s our ultimate example.

      One more thing that’s been helpful for me has been to find the meaning of, “God is pleased if we suffer for doing good…” (which I think is the NLT version?) When looking at the word “pleased” (other versions say, “commendable” or “brings favor” or “a gracious thing”) we find that it means “finds favor with” – I see that as God pouring His grace on those who suffer unjustly.
      Hope this helps a little in your pondering. :)
      I’m so blessed you are studying His Word with me and wrestling with these tough questions!
      Thank you so much for sharing them!
      Praying for you tonight!

      • Thanks for taking the time to comment on my thoughts….. your last paragraph made a lot more sense to me than my own thoughts were! “commendable” makes a different picture in my mind than “Pleased”

        Guess I need to take more time with my word studies!!!

        • Erin, this is just one of the times I wish we could just sit and chat over coffee and our Bibles. :) I hadn’t caught all of that in my study either, but I love that you asked the questions, because it encouraged me to study even further.
          Many blessings to you!