Suffering For Righteousness’ Sake (1 Peter-Week8)

I’m seeing more and more how it is in EVERY area of our lives that we can live for His glory!

And I’m being more and more humbled through these beautiful Words.

Sometimes they sting a bit, or are not at all what I want to hear.

But I can’t miss God’s incredible grace and love throughout. This love that would allow me to see how He wants me to live, because it’s the best for me. This grace that draws me near when I’m getting it right and when I’m getting it all so wrong.

The day in and day out (even in suffering) of living for Him looks a whole lot more glorious when I see how Christ is exemplified – how His suffering for me… for you… brings us near to God. And I am in awe.

What a precious week we have ahead of us!

1 Peter Week 8 - Our Family for His Glory

These weeks have been so humbling and awe-filled – igniting in my life a deeper love for God and His Word that I can’t help but bow my knees before Christ my Lord!

I pray that He’s working His beautiful glory in your lives as well.

As we go through the rest of chapter three – as we read it and speak it and write it and pray it – we can know that God is watching over us, and He is attentive to our prayers. Wow!

So come boldly.

And come confidently.

And be ready to bow your knee to the Father,

And to revere in your heart Christ as Lord.

For we are going to pray the heart of God through His own life-breathing words.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, and the words are already written for us in the Bible – we’re just going to personalize them. But, let’s make it heart-felt and make it our own sweet whispers or cries straight to the throne of God. And listen as He speaks from the dwelling in our hearts.

I think you’ll find it to be a most precious way to come near to the One who suffered for us, so that we can be brought near to God.

praying His words

Let’s prayerfully come before the One who loves us with a love that suffered deep.

1 Peter Week 8 - Our Family for His Glory

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1 Peter Week 8

Oh, what a challenging and precious week we have ahead of us!

I’d love for you to come and share what God is teaching you as you GROW in His Word and as you PRAY His heart and as you LIVE for Him!

Let’s grow in the true grace of God together! (It’s NEVER to late to start!!)

1 Peter Bible Study - Our Family For His Glory

Last Week: 1Peter 3:1-7 – Unfading Marital Bliss
Next Week: 1Peter 4:1-11 – Living as Stewards of His Grace


  1. Heather says:

    I really enjoyed last weeks study. I reread one verse over and over and over….God needed me to completely understand what we wanted of me and I get finally got it! Thank you.

    • Heather- It’s amazing how God works in each of us – sometimes it’s just one verse over and over! :) Thank you for sharing! I’m praying for you this evening!

  2. Melissa says:

    In the midst of these verses, yet again, I see God’s love for me. I love reading that his eyes are on me, “fixed” even. It definitely paints the picture in my mind of him being very attentive and personal.

  3. So many good things in this study. Verse 10 guiding us to speak positively. Verse 15 guiding us to sanctify the Lord in our hearts. Verse 17-18 Christ suffered for ALL of us. He was an example of how our attitudes should be during trials. And sometimes the true test of faith is how we react and behave to our trials. Sometimes I get caught up in the WHY of the trial instead of thinking of whom I need to turn to (the Lord) and getting through the trial with a good attitude. When we turn to the Lord I know that we will see God work everything together for good.