The Day He Turned Six

And then it happened –

The day you woke up and one hand was no longer enough to show the entirety of your little boy years.

And you were all big smiles and excitement bursting.

birthday boy

birthday boy 6 years

And I breathed it all in, trying to capture it for just a moment – my baby boy growing big and strong and courageous.

Yet always my little boy –

With your love for Ninja Turtles and Star Wars and bike riding and all things orange. Did you see what color we all put on first thing this morning?

And you still showed such passionate gratitude over a castle made from cardboard by your sister’s hands.

Oh, how you remind me so much of your daddy.

Isaiah's birthday cake

my Isaiah boy

And it won’t be long until you’ve grown all broad and towering over this mama just like him, and I will still be there cheering you on, loving you more than I ever thought possible.

Isaiah, keep showing passion, honor, and love – to others and most importantly to our great God.

I will forever be thankful for the way He gave this mama of girls the opportunity to raise a man. To find the treasures amidst the bumps and bruises and messes. To learn about swords and shields and superheroes. It’s an awesome, overwhelming, breath-taking journey.

And I wouldn’t trade a moment of it.

birthday boy and mommy

Isaiah birthday boy

Happy 6th Birthday, Isaiah Gabriel!
You are loved deeply.


  1. Happy Birthday, Isaiah!! My Elijah turned 6 yesterday…….and I was rather sad about it all day. My “baby” not being a baby anymore. And, guess what? He loves orange just like you to!

  2. Linda Martinez says:

    Happy Birthday Isaiah! What a special day for you and your family. You are a handsome boy with a great smile. May God continue to bless you today and tomorrow. I love your Darth Vader Mask and Light Saber. Stars is one of my favorite too. :)
    Hugs from Mrs. M.

  3. Sarah Parker says:

    Happy Birthday Isaiah! My oldest son is 6 and also loves ninja turtles, star wars and all things orange! Oh, if we knew you in “real life” our boys would be the best of friends!! :-) My son has not lost any teeth yet and it looks like Isaiah has already lost quite a few! :-) I am so thankful for your family! You are such a blessing to me! Thank you for your posts!!

    • Oh, Sarah, our boys would get along so well. :) Isaiah lost his first tooth when he was four, and I was so shocked. Now I think he’s lost six.
      Blessed by your sweet encouragement, Sarah. And maybe one day we’ll be able to get our boys together.
      Have a blessed night.