Why I Will Never Be Super-Mom

When the boy yanks off his boots, the ridiculously small ones still trying to hang on through the winter, he sits in a puddle of muddied slosh and grins like he’s swallowed half a snowman.

And with coat and mittens flung to the side, he scoops up a handful of the dripping, grubby mess and takes a bite.

What can I do but laugh with the red-faced kid?

Yes, I am that mom.

snow fun 23

snow fun 8

snow fun 18

After nearly a decade, there it is…

I’ve been the mom who’s yelled when I should have listened.

Who’s punished before I thought to pray.

Who’s tried to control when I needed to extend grace.

And there are footprints on the floor and crayon marks on the walls like the etching of memories and there are kids all scrambling over to hot chocolate mugs to get a glimpse of ice cubes before they melt away – and there is only so much time.

snow fun 16

snow fun 6

Kayla blowing snow kisses

I never knew love would be like this. I never knew there would be so much joy. I never knew I would get so very much wrong over and over and over.

But it’s what my wise friend said to me over french-silk pie – “We’re all going to make a mess of things. It’s what we do with it afterwards that matters.”

So I hang coats on hooks and mop up boot-prints and wash the colorful masterpiece off the walls and I pick up the hats and mittens strewn about the house and put them in the drier.

And then I slurp up hot-chocolate with the best of them and get bundled right next to kids pulling it all out all over again and we ball up the white fluff into fun and laugh so hard I hope they always remember.

There is still time.

snow fun 12

Mommy and Kayla snow

And it’s a consolation how things can come to you as toes and fingers go numb.

That no matter how the crazy beautifulness of this whole mothering thing turns out, maybe being the mom I want to be isn’t about doing more and being morebut in the remembering of who He is and what He has done and is still doing, the God who makes the lame to walk and forgives sins while hanging on a tree.

And that it’s not about getting it all right on my own strength, by my own efforts – but in trusting in His forgiveness and healing when I get it all terribly wrong.

That it’s not so much about enforcing the rules – as it is about leaning into the One who redeems us, who’s paid the ransom price for us moms and kids who can’t seem to keep the rules.

That when I recognize His incredible love in my life – then I am surrounded with His love and able to pour it out on others.

And I feel this tingling in my toes right up to my heart, that maybe it comes down to this –

I will never be Super Mom,

I just need to be a Mom who relies on a Super God!

Memorizing Psalm 103 with us? It’s never too late to start! Here are this week’s verses…

3who forgives all your sins
and heals all your diseases,
4who redeems your life from the pit
and crowns you with love and compassion,
Psalm 103:3-4 NIV

3who forgives all your iniquity,
who heals all your diseases,
4who redeems your life from the pit,
who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,
Psalm 103:3-4 ESV


  1. Love this! Beautifully said. And so far so good on the memorizing of Psalm 103.

  2. I see the joy in the faces of you and your children and I know they feel very love…..even when you’re not the perfect mom. Especially not the perfect mom, because they have to be able to know that they also will mistakes and that Jesus is right there ready to forgive them. How would they learn that without you teaching them God’s grace. I think you are doing just fine, my sweet friend. Surely looks cold there…..here too.

    • Such sweet words to bless my heart, Jane!
      And, yes, very cold. Too cold to be outside for long – I had to snag some pictures from before Christmas. :)
      Love to you!

  3. I’m right there with you on not being a perfect mom….. Nope, I sure am not a perfect mom. Too often I rely on rules, schedules and the work at hand, rather than taking time to really LOVE my kids.

    I’m memorizing Psalm 103 along with you, and at the same time reading Philippians. I’m reading chapter 3 of philippians this week….. whatever was to my profit I now consider loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ….. Made me think about what things, as a mother, I tend to put in the “profit” category, when really they are just rubbish. Do I try to be a “legalistically righteous mother” rather than being filled with the love of God so his love can flow through me to my children?

    Anyways just wanted to say, thanks for your post today and I’m right there with you. Thankful for God’s grace when I fail, again and again.

    • God used your words to speak grace and truth to my heart today, Erin.
      Loving Psalm 103 and have a dear place in my heart for Philippians!! Praying that we will both be filled with His love today, so that His love will flow out to our children.

  4. I’m nodding along, because I often try to be super mom and it’s while I’m failing that I realize she doesn’t exist. I’m falling into the trap of trying to do everything how *they* say it should be, and ignoring the sweet souls right in front of me. Praying for all us mommas who are trying desperately to let go of perfection and realize we are perfect just as we are!

    • So blessed to hear from you, Aurie! Yes, all of us mommas needing to let go of perfectionism and realize that He is the One doing the perfecting. :) Blessings to you today.