When I’m Feeling Desperate – Join me!?

Come one month into the new year and depression pursues – her and I too well acquainted.

I recognize her in the shadows and the secret places of my heart.

And I find myself on hands and knees in desperation crawling to the Father.

For although smiles and blessings are still evident, I’ve let the lies of the enemy seep sorrowful ugliness into my days,

And I can’t do it anymore!

This striving to get through the millions of moments on my own strength. This listening to the heartbreaking deception. This walking around without my most valuable weapon – my sword – the Word of God.

psalm 103 cards

I had picked it up in dawn’s early light and again by lamp at night, precious moments spent soaking in His grace and truth, but throughout the many hours in between it sits on my bedside table, as I try to fight on my own, unprepared for the attack of the enemy.

“How anybody walks through this devil-ruled world without a sword in their hand, is beyond me.” –John Piper

And here I am desperate once again for more of Him and more of His Words in my heart!

For as Ann says, “What a heart knows by heart, is what a heart really knows.”

And I want my heart to know His beautiful heart! Filling my mind, flooding my soul, overflowing from my hands, and being sweet on my lips.

When it’s dark and I can’t see the Words on the page. When the storm blows something fierce. When one boy spikes a fever and one girl sobs loud over math and the two littlest silently cover themselves from head to foot with makeup found high on a shelf (ah, yes, a story for another time). When I just can’t do any of this anymore – I need the life-breathing, truth-speaking, awe-inspiring Words of God inside of me!

And so I’m striving to hide God’s Word in my heart.

And not just the “basic” verses (which are also essential to survive), but whole passages of Scripture that I can pull out to encourage and bless and pray and meditate on and fight with when need be!

psalm 103

Last year, when desperation came knocking, many of you breathed in and out Psalm 145 right along with me. It wasn’t always easy, and we fell behind at times, but not one of us came out on the other side unchanged!

And this year I’d love for you to join me once again… memorizing Psalm 103! Committing our hearts to Him by hiding these twenty-two incredible verses of praise and love in our hearts. By memorizing just two verses a week, we can have the whole Psalm memorized by Easter.

And as we do, we can be assured that through these surrendered moments learning His precious Word – God will move! The Spirit will do His mighty work! And we will be drawn closer to Him once again!

psalm 103 memory cards
We’re starting THIS WEEK!!
I know we’re already over half-way done with the week, but I just can’t wait any longer! I’m desperate! (And I’m just trusting that God will bless us despite what seems to be a delay on my end – as I had hoped to get this to you days earlier – thank you for your grace.)

And, once again, I’m dragging my kids along with me. We’ll be doing some fun activities as their little hearts learn Psalm 103 too. Would you bring your kids along with us??

Each week – Lord willingly towards the beginning of the week ;) – I hope to share about that week’s verses. Let’s share what we’ve hidden in our hearts and encourage one another! And then towards the end of the week (hopefully before the weekend, so you have some time to join us) I’ll share the fun our kids are having. And I’d love for you to share too! (Last year one of the things that encouraged me the most was seeing some precious notes and videos of moms and kids and others around the world memorizing with us – I have no words!) Let’s share with others too: tell your family, call a friend, post on Facebook, blog about it… Telling others of our commitment leads to accountability.

All you need to do is download and print off some memory verse cardsin the NIV and/or the ESV (or if you prefer, here are some blank memory verse cards; they tell you which verses to review and memorize that week, but the dates and memory verses are left off for you to write on in your translation of choice).

Psalm 103 cards NIV Psalm 103 cards ESV

***Download and print your own Psalm 103 Memory Verse Cards – NIV or ESV. If you’d like, cut them apart and bind them together (hole punch and attach a binder ring, or put in a mini photo album, or glue to the pages of a small notebook, etc.). Follow the weekly schedule. Each day of striving to memorize these verses, check off a little box. Utilize the Tips on memorizing Scripture (which Lord willingly I’ll share tomorrow).***

And, if you’d like, print off and hang up this Scripture Art of Psalm 103 (NIV or ESV).

Psalm 103 Scripture art NIV Psalm 103 Scripture art ESV

Oh, how we need His Word at ALL times.

And if it’s important to us, we WILL make the time. If it’s not, we just make excuses.

psalm 103 scripture art

Are you desperate for His Word? Will you commit with me?

Here are this week’s life-breathing verses… (You might already know the first one from a song!)

Psalm 103:1-2 NIV
1Praise the Lord, my soul;
all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
2 Praise the Lord, my soul,
and forget not all his benefits—

Psalm 103:1-2 ESV
1Bless the Lord, O my soul,
and all that is within me,
bless his holy name!
2 Bless the Lord, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits,

{If you’re hiding other passages of Scripture in your heart- I’d love to hear about that as well!}


  1. Oh sweet Jessica. My friend. I can only explain it by saying it is God at work in you to give me what I need. I too share in the desperation to fill my heart with Gods Word and I too recently have been feeling blah or depressed always blaming it on the weather, or on the house being a mess, etc. when honestly it is just a lack of time spent with HIM. So thank you for calling me out. I will be joining you. I love Psalm 103 but have never memorized more than a few verses from it. My boys also will be joining us. I will print off our cards tomorrow and will also be sharing about this on my own blog. Blessings to you

    • Jen- your words bring joy to my heart. For, yes, it is all God. And, knowing I’m not alone has a sweet comfort. Praying for you today – that you will be filled with Him and that His Words will resonate deep in your soul.
      Love to you! ~Jessica

  2. So many of my days have been as you’ve described yours. :P It can feel just crushing! I (and my children) will be memorizing Psalm 103 with you, and I will pray for you during those times. <3

    • Melissa- Oh, how we have got to find a time to get together! There’s sweet comfort in knowing we’re not alone in these days that can be so hard. And now we can draw closer to Him with His Words on our hearts even being miles apart. Love you, friend. And praying for you today. ~Jessica

  3. Oh my sweet friend, Yes I will join you. I too have suffered from depression many times. What a dark place it is and how we need the Light of Jesus and His Holy Spirit to lead us out of that pit. I am working in a new ministry at church and spend much time there, but I will not use that for an excuse……and I won’t say I’m too old either. (Smile) My mother once took me to a house visiting when I was a little girl, probably around 3. As she and her friend sat visiting, my mom bragged on me and said I never got into anything. Minutes later, I emerged from another room covered in lipstick, powder and cream. How shocking that I would do such a thing. And have I ever told you about the time one of my boys, I still don’t know which one 30 years later, blew their nose into my living room curtains. And that is not the worst thing they ever did. oh this time of your life is draining and you grow weary…..Even as you look at those beautiful children sleeping at night, you sometimes wonder, oh dear Lord, what will they do tomorrow. I love you my dear sister, you always bring just the right words to me.

    • Jane – What a precious smile your words bring to my face. Your encouragement is always a blessing, and the stories… I just love. :) I am so blessed that you will be joining me. I know God will use this time mightily. Love to you! ~Jessica

  4. Jessica, Yes, I will join you. I read your post a number of times this morning and pondered for quite a while. I thought of you and your family and all that you do. Daily I read the Psalm and Proverbs of the day as it correlates with the day of the month and have done this for a number of years. I will focus on Psalm 103 too. The Lord has great and awesome plans for you Jessica ( for your entire family ). You have a tender heart towards Him. Blessings and peace. Stand strong. Anya

    • Thank you for your kind, encouraging words, Anya. I am blessed to know you and am honored that you will join me in memorizing this precious Psalm. Praying for you today, dear friend. ~Jessica

  5. I just printed off the verses! I have a frame above my sink that I can put the page into…… excited to join you in this, it’s been a while since I memorized a longer passage like this!

    • Erin, I’m so, so blessed that you’ll be joining me! I’m looking forward to hearing how God is working in your life through His Word.
      Many blessings, Jessica

  6. I’m in with you!! I was able to say this completely in January of 2013, but I’ve struggled since fall to get back into a memorizing pattern, and my son can say this as part of a camp scholarship program at our church, so this is exactly what I need to get going again dwelling on His Word as I live intentionally and want my thoughts to be His….and this is a great and humbling passage!! I shared this with our church facebook group since our grades 6-12 kids need to say this passage for a camp scholarship, so my online friends, and my in life friends may all be on the same page… I think it’ s a revolution that this deep COLD winter might just need to warm our hearts and minds!! Love how the Holy Spirit knits things together!

    • God is so good!! I’m so glad you’ll be joining in, and how perfect that it works right along with the camp scholarship. Wow! It’s amazing how God works. And, yes, definitely needing Him to warm hearts and minds this winter!
      Blessings, Jessica

  7. You have no idea how perfect timing this was, and how Psalm 103 was perfect, and just in time and so GOD! THank you!

    • Oh, how your words bless me, Shauna! Yes, all God. His ways are amazing!
      Praying for you today, and sending hugs from afar.

  8. Joining with you! =)

  9. Deactivated my social media account. Stumbled upon your blog post (I’ve followed you for a while, but haven’t been actively on Blogger all that often for a while) JUST NOW. Totally a “God thing” because He knows how desperate I am right now to soak in more of Him and less of this ugly, sinful world. Thank you, Jessica! I just joined the Scripture Typewriter too. Never heard of it before, but I look forward to perusing it too. So I all of this to say…I’m joining you! :)

    Thank you!

    • Oh, Shannon, God is so good to guide us right where we need to be at just the right time. Looking forward to what God will do through this precious time soaking in His Words.
      Blessings, Jessica

  10. Jess, just thought I’d let you know our whole family is joining you.