So You’re Desperate For Him Too – Now What?

And. This. Is. God.

Moving in hearts and homes right here and across town and around the world.

I am in awe of Him and filed with humble gratitude that I am not alone in my desperate cry for more of God and His Word in my heart.

Because, really, I was falling apart. And now with one little plea for you to join me there are toddlers to great-grandparents (and some awesome husbands) all joining together to commit our hearts to Him by hiding His Word in our hearts. And I’m left speechless on my knees in adoration to my Lord!

hanging Psalm 103

psalm 103.1-2

hang Psalm 103

My Bible hangs open to Psalm 103, and I find myself basking in those first two verses.

Thousands of moments seek to pull me away, but the words are sweet on my lips as I sweep the crumbs off the floor. And blessing rings in my heart as I cook and clean and discipline and teach and snuggle and fail and forgive and love.

Each an act of praise to my LORD!

Every breath a whisper of His name. Yahweh.

A name so holy. A name unutterable in Hebrew. The sound of breathing.

Ah, yes, that’s what I need – to breathe in His name until it resonates in my soul!
And exhale His praise with everything that is within me

hanging Psalm 103 art

Psalm 103 hanging art

psalm 103 art

And so we seek to get words to move from page to heart…

Breathe it in- Take a mental photograph engraving each word (& reference number) in your mind as you read it. Then read it again and again.

Dwell in it- Act it out, use motions or sign-language, put it to music, write it down (small or BIG– on the mirror, on the sidewalk, on a napkin, with paint, with glitter…), draw it up, hang it all over, listen to it being read, type it out (try “Scripture Typer”- be warned that it’s addicting), teach it to your kids, make it a game, stand on your head if you have to! Do whatever it takes to get your mind focused on each word.

Bind it to your life- Breathe the words in before your feet touch the floor in the morning, and out again in the carpool line, while folding laundry and cooking supper, as you brush your teeth and tuck the kids in bed. Attach these life giving words to a specific time or activity in your day.

“Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Write them on the door-frames of your houses and on your gates, so that your days and the days of your children may be many in the land that the LORD swore to give your forefathers, as many as the days that the heavens are above the earth.”
Deuteronomy 11:18-21

Absorb it- Find out what the words mean that you are memorizing. Who wrote them? Why? What does each word mean? Soak in the truth.

Breathe it out- Aloud to yourself, whisper it in the depths of your soul, and share it with those who need to hear it the most. Each week, commit to telling it (without peeking) to an accountability partner. Make it a part of your every day speech. And pray it, pray it, pray it.

Live it- Don’t stop at memorizing, allow God’s Word to penetrate your heart and change your life.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly…” Colossians 3:16

Guard it- Again and again and again. Hold fast to His Words as you repeat and review. For this is what leads to life-giving retention.

memorizing Psalm 103

verses in Psalm 103

Want your own weekly verses to hang all over? (Choose NIV or ESV once again.)



How do you get His Words in your heart?

It’s not too late to join us in memorizing Psalm 103! We’re all maybe feeling like we’re already behind, but start speaking and singing and breathing the words to these first two verses, and soon they’ll be ringing in your soul.

Psalm 103 verses 1 and 2

Praying for each of you!


  1. shelley quiroz says:

    Thank you for this. I need direction, focus…help. Thank you for pointing me to the One who is and always will be immeasurably good and capable of leading me through the challenges. My heart is burdened for the desperate moms out there, we are so many! May God bless your efforts to offer relief to the hurting and overwhelmed.

    • Oh, Shelley. There are many of us desperate moms out there, aren’t there!? Needing more and more of Him. Let’s link arms together as we turn our hearts to Him.
      Praying for you today.

  2. It has been a while, since I have been on your blog. Missed seeing your beautiful children, they are growing up so quickly!
    The other day I came on and saw your challenge to memorize Psalm 103 as a family. I was so encouraged as it was used during the message at church! My husband was instantly convinced! We started late, but we are catching up quickly!! Having fun as a family doing it too! We use the NASB, so I am printing off the blank cards.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Thank you Jessica, for all your wonderful encouragement and ideas!!! I am usually one of the excuse makers. I have been following along memorizing psalm 103 and the other day had my almost 3 year old daughter do the v1-2 ‘heart pieces’ activity with me. She loved pasting the pieces together and decorated it with pompoms and was excited to tell her daddy that “we love god with our whole heart!” What an excellent demonstration. :)

    • Trish, Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m an excuse maker by default too. ;0 Thankful for God’s working in our hearts! Praying for you today.