To You Mommies of One

You are amazing!!!


I know you’re probably wondering why a mommy of six would think that you, a mommy of one, are amazing! But, it is so very, very true. The love and care and patience and joy you continually pour out for that one child is stunning.

to you mommies of one

Honestly, I’ve never really had the honor of being a mommy of one. But, every once in a while when little friends come calling or bags are packed with books and toys and things for a day with Dad working – I get a glimpse into what being a mommy of one is like.

And it is beautiful, hard, tiring, messy, and precious.

mommy of one

You still need to eat and bathe and cook and get your baby to sleep,
Pay bills, scrub toilets, change diapers, and do laundry.
Only you do it all without having helpers to keep
That little one from chewing holes in the bills,
Falling into the toilet,
Grabbing a fistful of poopy-ness,
And unfolding every piece of clothing.

You get down on the floor reading books, playing games.
You have time; you can focus.
That little face is so precious, joy sparkles in their eyes.
But as the day goes on, you’re often left wondering…

Am I doing this right?
Is my child going to fail?
Why am I so tired?
Will this day last f-o-r-e-v-e-r?
Why can’t I be more like the mom down the block?
You know, the one with six kids, and six times the laundry!?

One thing you may not know –
Is she’s still wondering.
She is just as uncertain.
And needs to rely on God too.
Her days are not perfect
As she wades through laughter and tears.
She struggles for balance.
She is so much like you!

to mommies of one

But, I know from my moments of being a mommy of one,
That although you are on demand constantly,
The minutes that fill every day can be oh – so very lllll…ooooooo…nnnnnnn…ggggggg!!!!!
And it’s easy to fill those moments with self,
Facebook and Pinterest and books gracing the shelf.
Yet, it’s easier still to think that your role as a mom
Is not as important with only one.

Do not, do not, do not, do not, do not believe that lie for one single moment!

You are training a child,
Molding his little heart,
Teaching her about Jesus,
Continually pouring out grace,
Learning God’s strength in your weakness.

Your role is important no matter the number!
God is using YOU, sweet mommy, to reach the heart of your child!

dear mommy of one

{{I think you mommies of two, three, four, five, {six}, seven, eight… ten… twenty, are amazing too!}}

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  1. Caroline Fuhrmann says:

    Dear Jessica,
    I just ran across your blog when searching for some Scripture art inspirations. In the few unplanned moments I’ve spent here, I’ve been sooo encouraged. Thank you for sharing your sweet thoughts. I loved this post. I am a mama of three, but I often find myself comparing myself to other moms, especially when I had “just two.” Your words are sooo true! I look forward to visiting your blog again. I don’t spend much time reading blogs…often it just sets my vulnerable, perfectionist-natured-self up for discouragement. I think we have much in common. :) May God bless you! Praying for your family right now.
    P.S. Thanks so much for the Scripture art idea! :) Love it

    • Caroline, Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It does sound like we have a lot in common. :)
      Oh, how easy it is for us mamas to fall into the comparison trap, isn’t it!? I’m so glad God keeps working in my heart- chipping away at the vulnerabilities by reminding me of my value in Him.
      Praying you have a blessed day.