For When Mommy is Tired

Dear Tired Mommy,

So your kids have been plodding around the house since some ridiculous time this morning. (Thank you Day Light Saving Time for ending – SAID NO MOM OF YOUNG CHILDREN EVER! – except maybe for that Sunday when seventy-five percent of young families actually made it to church on time.)

From the first pitter-patter of feet you’ve juggled grumbling and pouring cereal and finding one more clean pair of pants bunched up behind the dresser. You’ve chased little people and cleaned up smeared apple sauce and refereed the bickering over whose toothbrush has the most toothpaste.

You’ve shampooed your hair four times in a row, because on your life you can’t remember if it’s already been washed.

For When Mommy is Tired

You’ve helped her put her socks on without them feeling silly. You’ve cut off the crusts just like he likes them. You’ve swept up the crumbs and gotten dinner in the crockpot. You’ve bitten your tongue nearly raw from striving to pour grace instead of letting your temper flare ugly.

You’ve been serving and giving and praying and helping and changing and fixing and feeding and cleaning and teaching and working and disciplining and loving ALL-DAY-LONG!

There have been hundreds of questions to answer, and thousands of calls for food and for clean clothes and for stories to be read and for the missing pink marker which got thrown out because someone lost the lid yesterday.

And the loud tears and crumpling to the floor over the requirement of wearing pants by your little Houdini who kept escaping bed last night? You’re about to join her on the floor – but the tears will have to wait; right now you just need a pillow.

You are tired!

Maybe you were up with a newborn baby, with a sick child, calming from a bad dream, helping with schoolwork, cleaning up piles of Duplos, paying the bills, working when you’d rather be home or home when you’d rather be working or at home working – and now, now you’re just altogether exhausted.

For When You're Tired

tired mommy

There are some days when we mamas need the encouragement to get out of bed. Sometimes the bravest thing we can do all day is to simply come out from under the warmth of the covers and step foot into a new day.

And other times?

Other times we’ve run ourselves so ragged that our eyes are closing and our pencils drooping while helping the second grader with math problems. We can’t keep our eyes open through the reading of Green Eggs and Ham. And even with coffee our heads are nodding and lanes are swerving as we’re driving under the influence of exhaustion.

Remember that time your sweet babe fell asleep in the middle of eating spaghetti!? She nearly woke when you snapped that picture of her sleeping in sauce. – That’s how we are. It’s just no longer quite so endearing.

When Mommy is Tired

Maybe, just maybe, you’re like me and you need to hear that it is okay to rest.

That it’s okay to turn off that smart phone, stop surfing the internet for the next greatest freezer meal, put that latest parenting book away, leave the mud prints trailing all over the floor, send kids to quiet corners or let them make their own secret hideouts with pillows and blankets and flashlights and books or stick them in front of their favorite Mickey Mouse video on replay if you have to – and go rest.

I hear that to-do list bubbling up inside of you. The excuses deafening. And maybe right now is simply not the time.

But if God himself showed us how to rest, and Jesus says to come and find rest, and if He truly made the wind and the waves be still – He can surely calm the storms looming as we lock ourselves in the closet with a Bible and a blanket.

Maybe it’s a twenty minute nap. Maybe it’s pretending that the time change hasn’t destroyed our schedule and going to bed an hour early. Maybe it’s moments stolen in quiet prayer and sweet Bible study. Probably it’s all three.

And maybe you’ll have to cancel appointments or be okay with eating take-out. Maybe you’ll need to call a babysitter or swap sleeping-in times with your husband. But those loved ones in your life will be so very grateful.

when mama is tired

For when those little ones come all fancily dressed and ready for a tea-party – when she trips on the shoes with heels too high, and he spills the juice when she tips him right over – their eyes will grow wide and their once smiling faces will shrink back waiting to see your reaction.

You could be Ms. Tired Mommy who grumbles and grovels and says, “Clean up that mess right now! And no more tea parties EVER!”


You could be Ms. Rested Mommy who dawns the role of the royal guest, curtsies and says, “Oh, Sir Son-of-Mine, thank you for breaking the fall of My Little Princess. Let’s mop it up and prepare for a tea party at the table!”

Oh, how I know you’d much rather train and build up, rather than crush and tear down. And it’s so much easier to do that when you’ve had adequate rest.

Don’t feel guilty! Your husband, and the precious heroes and princesses whose little eyes are watching your every move {as well as the rest of the drivers on the road :)} will be very thankful that you chose to rest! And, remember, Jesus took time to sleep and rest too!

Another Tired Mommy, who needs to go rest!


  1. I truly believe the Lord guides you in what to say. Another post with words I needed to hear. After a tiresome, lonely day this is just what I needed. Like you I am now going to go rest. Love and prayers.

    • Oh, Chela, that’s my prayer – that God would guide me and use these feeble words to bring encouragement to others. So blessed by you!

  2. Britt Watts says:

    Laughing at this one because JUST this afternoon I put on Mickey Mouse for my eldest (who no longer naps) so I could go sleep while my little one napped! I find that it’s easier to give myself grace about taking time off to rest when I’m pregnant… one good thing about being so tired I guess!

    Plus we are potty training this week Luther and you know quite well how exhausting that is for mama… ;)

    • Yay for Mickey Mouse. :)
      And, yes, you pregnant mammas need even more rest.
      (Praying for you and your potty training endeavors!)
      Love, Jessica

  3. Thank you so much for this reminder! I’m just longing for bedtime as we speak!!! I think we need to be reminded that it’s “okay” to rest and that our little ones will benefit as well as us….I am sooooooo much more calm and patient when I am rested…truly the God knew what He was doing when He gave us rest!!!

    I am a new blogger that just started a couple of weeks ago! I hope you’ll check out my blog as well! I hope you don’t mind, but I added your blog to my newsletter so that other moms can see what I am following and hopefully be encouraged too!

    • Thanks, Lindy! Oh, how true how our whole attitudes are more peaceful if we’ve had the rest we need.
      I look forward to looking into your blog, and am so honored that you added mine to your newsletter.
      Make blessings,

  4. Needing rest and God’s grace tonight! Had everything from the never-ending to-do list to the graceless responses to my children’s never-ending curiosity. I am going to steal away and spend some time with Him before I climb in bed tonight. Thanks for the permission! :)

    • Melissa- Just seeing your name makes me teary. Praying for you this evening – that you would continue to get the rest and grace you need for each moment.
      Love you! Jessica

  5. Thank you! My favorite line was the bit about daylight savings time, but for the whole post….. thank you!

    • Oh Lacey, Daylight Saving Time sure has thrown us for a loop. Thankful for God’s grace and the moments of rest He provides!

  6. Oh perfect words! “Only” 4 more weeks ’till our baby is due and this tired mama feels the effects of the changed time very keenly these days. I have been feeling the need to just lay down more, but now you helped me feel more okay with doing it! Praying you find rest and refreshment in your full days. I’m going to lay down now while my 2 year old rests. :)

    • Jenny- How can it be only 4 more weeks!? :) So excited for you, and can hardly wait to see pictures of that new little one. Praying that you would get the rest that you need. Love you!

  7. Sarah Schmall says:

    Thank you! Your articles are amazing and am so glad for your blog. I feel a sense of awe and amazement that God has placed you in our church, in MY life. Oh what an awesome God! This article was a desperately needed reminder that it’s okay to take care of myself. For when my cup is full the blessings, love and grace of Jesus can more easily pour out to my children. Thank -you!

    • Sarah, Thank you for encouraging me. I am so honored and humbled at the same time. Blessed that God has brought us together, and look forward to what He has in store! Have a wonderful night!

  8. This was me today!
    Last night I was up every.single.hour. with a bloody nose, lost blankie, nursing baby, and babies needing me as their bathroom buddy for a midnight pee.
    So today we stumbled out of bed.
    I found this brilliant thing called “Jelly Telly” and we watched the free episode … twice…
    Then did laundry… and laid around in the piles of laundry reading books all day.
    Dinner was whatever I could put together in 10 minutes.
    The kids went to bed at an early hour.
    And I am just about to curl up in a blanket, under my man’s arm and read some refreshing words from my Savior to rest my soul and hopefully fall asleep and rest my body…
    THANK YOU !!

    • Oh, yes, we’ve watched “Jelly Telly” too. :)
      Praying for you, and blessed to hear of how you are leaning into our Savior!
      Sending love,