How to Share the Gospel With Our Kids

How we get from having dirty, sinful hearts – to being crowned as children of the King simply amazes me.

It’s the story of Truth and Redemption. Of great Forgiveness and Grace. Of a Savior’s deep Love and Sacrifice. With hearts growing in faith and hope all for His glory.

It’s THE STORY I want my children to know and love and claim as their very own.

Teaching Kids the Gospel

Family {Bible} TimeConquering Ephesians – Week 2
(Correlates with this weeks “Conquering Ephesians” Bible Study!)

First, secretly place your Bible in a box (or paper bag, etc.) and then gather your family together by telling them you have something special hidden in the box and it’s their job to find out what is inside. Give clues to the content until they “solve the mystery!”

Read Ephesians 1:3-14 having them listen to see if they hear the word mystery and to see if they can find out what the good mystery is! {Just a note… in the Bible, the word mystery is not about a secret only known by a few, but about a revelation made known by God. In verse 9 the mystery being talked about is when one day God will gather together in one, all things in Christ. It’s a beautiful, indescribable picture of when there shall be one throne of God and the Lamb. Today, we’re going to be talking with our kids about the blessings in Christ, one being this incredible mystery revealed… but, we’re also going to go back to the beginning for them to get a glimpse at how amazing this true story really is – praying that God will be revealing these awesome Truths to their little hearts!} And briefly talk about the blessings for believers found in these verses.

Make a Wordless Book to tell the whole story of this beautiful mystery now revealed to the world. {My dear friend, Heather at Cultivated Lives came up with this idea, and I fell in love with it! Thank you, Heather… I love your heart for cultivating Christ in your home, and I know these precious books will be poured over again and again in our family!}

The Wordless Book

Gather your supplies…

  • Pages for the book (either print off the template pages in color, or print them off in gray-scale and use them as a pattern to cut out on their corresponding color of paper: black, red, white, green, orange, and yellow, or make and color/paint your own pages)
  • Scissors and hole punch (it helps to have them cut and hole punched ahead of time)
  • Glue
  • Dirt or sand
  • Crayons
  • Glitter and/or jewels
  • Pipe cleaner, ribbon, or binder ring
  • Bible (to read straight from The Word of God)

wordless book template
(Click picture or here to download and/or print your own copy of the template pages.)


glue black heart

dirt on black heart

Smear glue on your black heart, and then sprinkle dirt or sand on top. Talk about how each one of us is born with a dirty heart – full of sin. It’s ugly, agonizing and painful. {Go ahead and list some sins that filled your hearts just this morning.} And there is nothing, NOTHING that we can do on our own to clean our hearts and make them pure. Although we were created to be with God, in His family – sin separates us from Him…

The dirty, black heart is a reminder that each one of us has sinned (Romans 3:23)and that the penalty for our sin is death. (Romans 6:23) :(

dirty black heart

When I asked Isaiah what he could do about his sinful, dirty heart, he kept saying things like, “Be really kind.” and “Be good.” This was a wonderful time to ask him if he ever thought he could do enough kind things to get rid of the sin, and if he could ever be good enough. No, on his own – on our own – we are still left with stains on our hearts. :(


cross red heart

But, praise the Lord that the story does not end there. For while we were sinners Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) Jesus came to rescue us and clean our hearts. By HIS perfect sacrifice, he paid the price for our sin so that we can be in a right relationship with God. (Colossians 1:13-14)

The red heart {which you can draw a cross on} is a reminder that in Christ ALONE we have redemption through His blood. (Ephesians 1:7)

red heart

cross on red heart


And once we’ve repented (turned away from our dirty, yucky hearts and turned to God) and asked Him to clean us – He forgives us, washing our hearts clean. (1 John 1:9) And adopting us as His sons through Christ, holy and blameless in His sight. (Ephesians 1:4-5)

The white heart reminds us that because of Christ, our Heavenly Father forgives us and sees us as spotless children of God. (Colossians 1:22 and John 1:12)

white heart

But, that’s not the end of the story! Now we get to begin the beautiful life of living a life as God’s child – as a child of the King!


green leaf

Remember the black heart? We were dead in our sins. But because of God’s great love, He made us alive in Christ! (Eph. 2:5) And now we are called to grow in grace and knowledge and wisdom. (1 Peter 1:18) And we are called to grow more and more like Christ (Eph. 5:1). As we abide in Him and as we eagerly seek His Word and His ways, we will grow and bear much good fruit. (John 15)

The leaf reminds us that we are called to grow.



As we grow, we shine as lights in the dark world. Remember how our hearts were black with sin? The world is full of sin and darkness. But God desires for us to live as children of light. (Eph. 5:8) He fills us with His Spirit and calls us to let our light shine before men to bring glory to God and point others to Jesus! (Matt 5:14-16)

The flame reminds us of our calling to be lights in this dark world.


glitter crown

decorate crown

Bring out the glue and the glitter or jewels and decorate your crown. And talk about the glorious anticipation of heaven and getting to be with God. As children of the KING, we are co-heirs with Christ. (Romans 8:17) and can look forward to the day when we will receive a crown of glory that will never fade away (1 Peter 5:4) – the day we will reign with Him and acquire an eternal inheritance in His kingdom as we are perfectly transformed into the image of Christ.

The crown reminds us that someday (some glorious day) we will be in heaven with Jesus!

crown glitter

wordless book pages

As your child threads each page together, have them tell this incredible gospel story back to you.

the wordless book gospel

And now you have the beautiful story of redemption, forgiveness, growth, and glory to share over and over… as little hearts are led to surrender to the King, and as He helps us all to live as true children of the King.

a wordless book


  1. Hey, Jessica! SUPER excited to do this. I’ve been outta the loop for awhile, but oh thank you for taking the time to post these…the study looks superb. So glad I stopped by {as always}.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way you teach this lesson with your kiddos. So creative and it really gets the point across!

    • Oh Jen, Thank you for encouraging me once again. These books are already becoming precious books to read again and again in our home. :)

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you for a different take on the Wordless Book. I work with Zulu children in South Africa and needed something a little more hands on, where they would be able to identify with each color and symbol. This is perfect and look forward to presenting it next week in Sunday School.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Love, Love,Love this! So simple, precious, but fun! Thanks!

  5. This is a great way to teach kids the gospel of Jesus. Teaching my kiddos in Sunday School. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this! I’ll be doing this for our church VBS next week with the 2nd through 6th graders. I needed a quick craft for the last day, one that wouldn’t take long (shorter craft time that day) but would wrap up the week and fit the theme of the day (Jesus’ Death & Resurrection). This is perfect, what a wonderful way to share the gospel with the kids AND give them something to take home to share with the rest of their family! Thank you for this fantastic idea!

    • Forgot to add that I did my own version of these and printed a quick explantion and verse on the back to reinforce the meaning to the children (and in case other family members pick it up, the message will be there).

  7. Thank you so much for this amazing lesson. I teach third graders and some are asking the important questions concerning salvation. I hope you don’t mind if I use this lesson to explain the truth of the gospel in this amazing childlike way to my boys and girls.

  8. Tonya Lawson says:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing this with the masses! I’m a Children’s Pastor and I’m going to use it as a training method for my leadership team.