Prayers and Popcorn {Colossians Family Time#8}

It has been an exciting time reading Colossians with our family!

As we reach “the end” I’m thrilled to look back and see all the fun that we’ve had as little seeds of truth have been planted into the hearts of our children. From shaving cream on mirrors to painting upside down to finding hidden treasure to mixing up our family, and everything in betweenwe pray that God will use these little lessons as our children prayerfully grow to know, love, and serve Him! And what a joy, and by no mistake, that we begin, and now we end, with PRAYER! {Which, by the way, our kids are still loving using their prayer rocks… and so am I!}

prayers and popcorn

Colossians Family {Bible} Time #8

*Read Colossians 4 together (highlighting verses 2-6).

*Make some popcorn (do NOT add butter or salt or any flavoring just yet… it needs to be bland), and have everyone watch how it POPS up!! :)

*Talk about how just like we were watchful and alert as we saw the popcorn popping, we need to be always watching for opportunities to pray. And just as the popcorn popped up, we can say “popcorn prayers”… whatever comes into our minds to pray about… let it “pop” out of our mouths in prayers to God!

*Spend some time praying “popcorn prayer” style.
(Encourage a heart of thankfulness)

*Now have everyone taste the (salt-less) popcorn.
(Especially if your family normally adds salt to their popcorn, as ours does, your children will most likely not care for the popcorn that much. Mine kept saying, “YUCK! It needs salt!”… evidently we are big salt fans at our house.)

no salt add salt

*Then add salt (and/or any other flavoring you would like) and taste it again.

*Talk about how the salt made the popcorn more tasty, and how our conversations should always be like that… full of grace, as though seasoned with salt.

*Enjoy the rest of your popcorn!! :)

Bella's popcorn

May the grace of God be with you!

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  1. Yummo! We love popcorn over here and are focusing our attention on the importance of prayer. We are so going to do this!!! Thanks as always for the wonderful ideas and ‘grace-filled’/salty posts!

  2. great idea!!!!

    I always love object lessons like this because I am a very “hands on” and visual learner. My kiddos are a bit young for things like this still but I can’t wait to start doing things like this with them! You have such great ideas! thanks for sharing them!!!

    • Hi Paula! I’m a very hands-on, visual learner too! :) Which I think is one reason I love to come up with fun activities with my kids. Have a great day!

  3. What a fun way to get our children to enjoy prayers and yet have some fun and…popcorn. Visiting from Titus Tuesday, have a super blessed day!