Prayer Rocks {Colossians Family Time #1}

Prayer is something near and dear to my heart. Something I am continually growing in, and something I want my children to fall in love with.

prayer rock
There are few things that tug on my heartstrings more than hearing the prayers of my precious three-year old… “Dear Jesus… Dear Jesus… Dear Jesus… ummm… ummm. Fank You for the foooood. Dear Jesus… Dear Jesus… Dear Jesus… Fank You for family. Fank You for lights. Fank You for ewephants. Fank You… Fank You… Fank You… ummm…”

And then comes my sweet (and hungry) fifteen month old, who after the second “Dear Jesus…” unfolds her cute little hands and begins to say “Amen! Amen! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!” as her voice crescendos until someone eventually whispers in her big sister’s ear to say, “Amen!”

I often sit in awe as our children {in their own ways} talk to the King of kings!
It’s breathtaking!

But, there are certainly times when prayer isn’t quite so heartfelt. At times we don’t want to pray. At times our kids don’t want to pray. And at times we forget how important, incredible, and awesome prayer really is.

As I started my study of Colossians, I was touched by the incredible prayer that Paul prayed for these believers that he had not even personally met (And I’ve been reminded, inspired, encouraged, and convicted by SO many other truths packed into the first fourteen verses!), and I wanted to use this opportunity to once again remind each of us to NOT STOP PRAYING!

That’s what this week’s quick, easy, fun Family {Bible} Time is all about!

Prayer Rocks Family Time
Colossians Family {Bible} Time #1

*Read: Colossians 1:1-14 together.
{Extra: See if your kids can count how many times prayer, asking or thanking God for something, is specifically mentioned in these fourteen verses… We counted five.}

*Talk about how verse 9 says “…we haven’t stopped praying for you…” and how we, too, should continually have an attitude of prayer.
{If your kids are old enough, list the ways that Paul prayed for the believers in Colossae… thanking God, asking that they’d be filled with the knowledge of His will, etc.}

*Make a Prayer Rock.
You can get as fancy or creative as you would like, or just find a fun rock and leave it as God made it, but this is what worked for our family… I kept our camera put away, so I could just focus on our children, but just imagine cute little hands at work. :)

*Find some smooth rocks (about 2 inches across).
*Wash off the rocks.
*Let dry completely.
*Paint the rocks using tempera or spray paints- paint one side… let dry… paint the other side.
{We used glitter/shiny tempera paint.}
*Let dry.
*Add stickers and/or letters.
*Coat the entire rock with a layer of mod podge (and let dry).

*Add this little poem.
If you’d like, you can tie a ribbon around your little rock with this little poem attached. The author is unknown, but the poem is perfect for our little prayer rocks, and helps to explain how to use these prayer rocks every morning and every night. :) {Download/print your own copy here.}

*PRAY together!

*And then go put your prayer rock on your pillow!

Isaiah's prayer rock

{And now, I’d LOVE to ask if you would be praying for our family! Some decisions are being made as to where to go from here, and we covet your prayers! Thank you! –I’ll be updating more soon!}


  1. Love your prayer rocks! What fun reminders for your children. There is really nothing sweeter than the prayers of my little girls. Sometimes they become a little lack-luster (“Thank you for the food and thank you for everything”), but I consider everything a step in the learning process. Your family most certainly has my prayers going along with you!

  2. What a beautiful idea to keep a ‘firm’ reminder to pray! My boys would love that. And if I’m honest, I could use a good toe stubbing in the morning to help me wake up and focus on what is most important before moving on to anything else.

    Praying for you and your sweet family and excited to see how God will move in and through you guys…

  3. I have heard of the prayer rocks before, thank you for reminding me. Speaking of praying, our five year old daughter has decided to start asking about our bedtime prayer as we are praying. That is a tough one, but we are working through it…not to interupt while others are talking and that sort of thing. But tonight it was, “what does that mean?” in hushed tones. This just after we started, “Our Father, who art in heaven. Hollowed be thy name.” We have a story that has helped our family put that prayer in a more personal light, so I had a light heart as I explained at the end of the family prayer time that was how we greeted Him in the evenings. That seemed to be enough for now for her. I grew up without a ‘dad’ in the picture most all of my days in the home with momma (just my last two years in high school did I have a step-dad til today of corse) and my sister so it was really easy for me to see God as my Father who loves me no matter what. She is blessed with a different start so explaining it to her is a bit different than I know. I LOVE it! I brings tears of joy to my heart. *smile* Any ways, I am hopeful that I will remember you when talking to Him and will lift up your family specifically as you try your level best to fallow the Father as a family. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  4. We are prayying your family Jessica! (even my children love you family <3) I am so excited to see what our might God is doing in y'alls life! Best wishes sweet lady!
    And p.s.
    I can't wait to share this with the kids and make our own prayer rocks! I think we are going to use some of our sentimental rocks from some of our travels ( we have rock enthusiasts in our family who collect them from all over!! ), that way maybe they will be more inclined to keep up with them!

    • Lindsey, Thank you blessing me with your words and your prayers! They mean more than I can say.
      (And I hope you enjoy making your own prayer rocks! What a great idea to used those already treasured rocks.) :) Jessica

  5. You are often on my mind and praying for your family as you make decisions. What a year it has been. Wishing and hoping for answers for you and for your family. Much love.

  6. Linda Martinez says:

    I love the idea of the prayer rocks. I wish I was a believer when my daughter was a child. I didn’t have a relationship with our Lord and Savior until her senior year in high school. So I missed out on developing her love of Jesus. But the Lord is so good and gracious. I am enjoying sitting with my adult daughter in church on Sunday mornings. She is in the infant stage of her faith walk. So I have a prayer request of my own. Please pray that Jennifer will grow to love Jesus as her savior. She has not made a profession of faith. I want to spend eternity with her in heaven. Michael’s two daughters are also not saved. We need prayer for Sarah and Jenny as well.
    I also will pray for the decisions regarding your family. I read the entry about placing your future in the Lord’s hands and trusting in him completely. And I understand why some didn’t understand or support your decision. It takes courage and obedience to place your trust in him. I believe that when we are in difficult situations no matter what they may be we need to trust God first and foremost. I will continue to pray for you and your family.
    Linda M.

    • Linda, Thank you for your sweet encouragement and for your prayers! I am so blessed to know of how I can be praying for you and your family as well! Our God is greater!! Hugs! Jessica

  7. I stumbled on your blog several weeks ago through pinterest and have kept it open in a tab ever since. I have 6 children, ages 12-2 and was immediately encouraged by your posts. This idea is so wonderful! I will be sending the boys out tomorrow to find the rocks! Prayer with my children has been on my heart recently and they will just love this! Thank you for your sweet, encouraging posts. I will bein to pray for you and your family as well.

    • Rachel, Your encouraging words warmed my heart. Thank you! And thank you for your prayers! I hope your boys have a great time hunting for rocks. :)
      And I look forward to getting to know you even more (How fun to meet a fellow mommy of 6!)! Have a blessed night!

  8. Love this idea. Going try it with my little girls.

  9. I like the idea of a prayer rock reminder, but must admit the poem leaves me cold. What child wants to be hit on the head and stub their toe every morning? I cannot see how that would encourage anyone to fall in love with prayer.

    • Oh, they don’t really hit their heads or stub their toes… the rocks are too little for that. :) Maybe it’s in how you present it – we looked at is as a cute, funny, and fun way to remind us to pray, and my kids (9 months later) still really enjoy using them. My sweet Kayla didn’t want to go to bed a night last week because she couldn’t find her prayer rock. It’s not the rock that encourages anyone’s heart to fall in love with prayer… it’s actually praying, and as silly as it may sound, these little rocks have been a sweet reminder for all of us.