To Know Christ {Philippians Family Time #8}

Last night as I sat on the bed with my sweet (but very sick at the time) six-year old, Kayla , she told me how the game we played for “Family Time” earlier that day was one of her favorite games ever. As I sat next to her typing out emails, she looked at me with her beautiful glossy eyes that were half covered with a washcloth, and said some most convicting words. Words that made me realize she not only “loved” playing the game… she GOT it, and I needed to GET it too!

Philippians Family Time 8

“Mommy, do you like your computer?” came her sweet voice.

I responded with something like- “Well, there are some things I like about it. I like to share what God is teaching us, and I like to encourage other mommies. I like being able to share pictures of you for family and friends to see. I’ve made some incredible friends and have grown closer to God while learning from others as I sit at the computer… BUT, there are a lot of things that I don’t like about the computer too.”

“We should have written down ‘computer’ on the labels today. And then, I would put it on the bubbles,”she said softly.

In our game (which I will explain in more detail shortly) the balloons represented things that help us to know Christ (eternal things), and the bubbles represented everything else (earthly things). In Kayla’s few short sentences, she reminded me of what is MOST important- that which is eternal! We talked about how sometimes the computer is a great tool to help us grow in Christ and in helping others to know Christ too, but at many other times it is a distraction that can hinder us from knowing Christ.

It was a blessing to realize the impact that a simple Family {Bible} Time can have on my children.

And it was a humbling reminder for me to make sure that my time sitting at this keyboard, is spent on things with eternal value! (I must admit that my computer has sat closed much more today.)

I pray that this simple yet fun Family {Bible} Time activity will impact your family as well.

Family Bible Time- Diving Into Philippians– Week 8
{Corresponds with this week’s “Diving Into Philippians” Bible Study.}

*Read Philippians 3:1-11 together. (Highlighting verses 7-10.)

*Talk about how Paul considered everything rubbish compared to knowing Christ!
{You can even talk about how rubbish was garbage/trash/dung/absolutely disgusting/worthless.}

*Have some balloons (or balls) and a container/bucket of bubbles ready. {I adapted this activity from Bubbles, Balloons, and Chocolate by Kirk Weaver. After doing the activity, I think balls might be more effective than balloons- as they don’t easily pop… and- if large enough- are not a choking hazard, but… we had fun with the balloons.} :)

*Work together to make a list of different things you have done today on labels or masking tape. {Some of ours included: riding bikes, reading the Bible, praying, playing games, blowing up balloons, sinning, trusting Jesus, arguing, swinging, having faith, being sick…}

*Talk about each activity listed.

  • If it is something that helps you to know Christ better (things of eternal value)- stick it on a balloon.
  • If it is something that does not help you to know Christ better (earthly value)- stick it onto the container of bubbles.
    {Ultimately most things CAN help you know Christ… for example, sinning helps us know Christ when we realize His sacrifice for our sins. Likewise, most things can hinder us from knowing Christ as well… for example, we can have the whole Bible memorized and still not know Christ. But, choose the category the activity would NORMALLY fall into- without analyzing them too much.}

balloon game bucket of bubbles

*Play the game!

  • Label one child/group “heaven” and one child/group “earth.”
  • Have them stand facing each other, with a gap in between.
  • “Earth” tries to get the balloons and bubbles to “heaven.”
  • In the end, only the balloons reach “heaven”… all the bubbles popped.
    {Unfortunately some of our balloons popped, which is why I recommend balls… but, we used it as an opportunity to talk about how even things like “praying, and reading our Bible” can’t get us to heaven without the help of Christ… so, it still worked. :)}

bubbles and balloons game

*Read Matthew 6:19-21:

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth,where moth and rust destroy,and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven,where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

*Pray: “Thank you God, that You want us to know You more. Help us to store up treasures in heaven and to be found by You! We want to know You more. Amen.”


The link to the Balloons, Bubbles, and Chocolate book is an affiliate link. We really do appreciate this book full of family time ideas for families with preschoolers. Any pennies we earn through that link will go to help support the ministry here at Our Family for His Glory. Thank you.


  1. I’m so excited about these little posts your doing because in all reality, they’re bigger than big. One day when my girls get old enough, these activities will bless their hearts just as I pray they will. So, thank you for sharing them all. Oh, and I’m not sure if the Balloons and Bubbles link is linked up. I couldn’t click on it. Just wanted to let you know. :) God Bless!

    • Kristen, Thanks so much for your encouragement! I too pray that these activities will bless the hearts of your little girls (who are incredibly beautiful- by the way)!
      Only one of the links was linked- now they both are, so hopefully that will help. :)
      Have a great day!

  2. Wow. It’s like a kid to remind you of what is truly important. Thank you for sharing and for the activities. These are great. I’d love to have you link this up to Titus 2 Tuesday on Cornerstone Confessions. I hope to see you there.


    • So true, Kathy. God uses my children to teach me so much! ;)
      I look forward to stopping over to Titus 2 Tuesday’s. It sounds wonderful!!
      Have a great day!

  3. Bethany says:

    Thank you so much Jessica! I’m a 16 year old girl, and this year at my ward camp I’m going to be the only YCL. I asked my girls on what kind of spiritual thoughts they wanted, and they promptly told me they wanted object lessons about how this life is temporal, and obviously some other things too. You’re idea has inspired a spark in my imagination! Thanks so much!