Diving Into Philippians- Week 5

I’m really excited for this week’s study! By diving into Philippians 2:1-11, we will be taking on what is said to be one of the most profound theological passages on Christ in the New Testament. Yet, Paul brings it up mainly for illustrative purposes. So, as we are reading these amazing words about Christ, know that we most likely will not completely understand it all. And that is okay! Theologians have been debating this passage for years and years. Our God is greater than we can think or imagine, and there will be many things we do not completely understand this side of heaven. Yet, let’s still dive in and soak up as much of the truth as we possibly can!

{{If you’re worried because you’re a little (or a lot) behind, please don’t be discouraged! Start where you stopped (even if it’s at the beginning), or just jump right into this week’s study. Just get done as much as you can each day, and then dive in again the next day!}}

Diving into Philippians- week 5

Do you mark up you Bible? Do you fill it with colors and symbols and pictures and handwritten words? Or are you a bit hesitant to mark up (all-be-it in a good way) this most precious Book?

I know at times I have been hesitant, and that is why I’m excited that this week, we will together be “getting our feet wet” in the waters of marking up our Bibles. But, don’t worry! If you’re a little anxious- I’ve provided a print-out (at the end of this week’s study guide) that you can use if you prefer. :)

I remember hearing about this method of Bible study back in college, and it’s a tool that my husband often uses in his own Bible study. Yet besides for underlining favorite verses, circling things here and there, and every once in a while writing brief notes in the margins, it hasn’t been a method that I have used much. Although I’d give it a try every once in a while, I think in many ways I’ve been afraid of doing it all wrong. ;) That is, until I saw this post at Doorposts of Your House. I was so inspired by the precious markings in her Bible, and so thankful for the follow-up post she did showing the thought process behind her markings.

Now it is another method of Bible study that I am beginning to love!
Here’s why…

  • It helps me pay attention to what I am reading.
  • It provides a way to be actively engaged with the Word.
  • It helps me to slow down and notice things I hadn’t previously.
  • It gets me into the Word, as I read the text over and over while marking it up.
  • It is beautiful. What a precious keepsake a Bible with loving marks and heart-felt words will be someday!
  • It doesn’t (and probably shouldn’t) have to look like everyone else’s. (Here’s the “creative” side of me coming out- smile.) I can come up with my own pattern of marking my Bible, and nobody can deem it “wrong”! Hooray! (Now, if you like to have ideas, here’s a great list of symbols that you could try out.)

Marking in Bible

So, what should you do when marking up your Bible?
I’m going to briefly share how I marked Philippians 2:1-11. But remember, your markings may look completely different than mine, and coming up with your own system might be even better! (Just remember to use a notecard to note your symbols and methods of marking for easy reference!)…

    • I began by praying for guidance!
    • Then I read the entire section without marking anything.
    • I read through the passage again, marking all references to God and Christ with yellow. (Making sure not to forget to look for and mark He, His, Him, Lord, Jesus, Spirit, etc.)
    • I marked God’s actions with purple (for His royalty)- what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do- all got marked.
    • Then, going through the passage once again, I marked all instructions and commands to the reader. I chose green to mark instructions/commands we should follow (like a green light reminding me to go and do them), and I chose red to mark what we should not do (like a red light reminder to stop doing those things).
    • As I went through the passage the next time, I circled transitional words– such as… if {any}, then, therefore, but, and… This helped me to notice the links between the words before and after these key transitional words.
    • Then I took time to mark other things that I wanted to note…
      • references to love were marked with a red heart
      • references to joy with a smiley face :)
      • references to the cross were marked with a red cross (as red reminds me of Christ’s blood)
      • references to man/human were marked with a stick figure
      • heaven was marked with shining orange/gold– reminding me of the streets of gold in heaven
      • death was marked with black (and if sin were mentioned I would have marked it with a black X)
      • references to the earth/world were marked with a blue/green ball
      • for references to humility I drew a bending arrow (which made me think of someone bowing down)
    • I added some other illustrations. (I’m planning to add more, but as we are enjoy spending a few days at camp while my husband speaks, I’ve realized I didn’t bring along the best colored pencils.)
    • I will also be adding different lists/notes explaining what I’m learning.
    • I thanked God for all He was teaching me.

Are you ready to give it a try yourself??? I’m praying that God would work in your hearts, as you dive into His Truth this week!

Philippians Week 5

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Our Family for His Glory

What have YOU learned from God’s Word this week?

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  1. I’ve always been one to hesitate to write too much in my Bible, but I do like the system you have with all the colors! :)

    I came over to invite you to join in on the HOD blog roll that I created for the upcoming school year over at my blog (http://reachtothemoonandback.blogspot.com/p/heart-of-dakota-blogroll-2012-2013.html). The blogger who did the last one is sadly moving on from HOD, so I thought that I would start another one up because I really enjoy visiting other families through their blogs that use HOD as well! I hope to see you link up soon! :)

  2. Thanks Dusty, for making sure I knew about the HOD blog roll. I’m glad you are taking that on, for it’s so encouraging!! :)

  3. Nicole Auld says:

    WE are now on week 5. We stayed on wk4 for about 2 wks The kids loved week 4 with the torch! Fun! FUn activity! THank you for sharing!:) Hugs friend!

    • How exciting!!! :) I pray you’ll be blessed as you read about Christ’s incredible example!!
      Oh, and my kids have been asking to play the torch game again. :)

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Just wanted to let you know I am still enjoying this study a few years later.

    • Elizabeth, Thanks for letting me know! I pray you are blessed by your time in Philippians! I have such sweet memories of my time deep in that book!