The Triumphant Entry {Holy Week- Day 1}

What an exciting day!

The Israelites had spent thousands of years suffering under harsh rulers. Their lives had been filled with turmoil, trials, and hardships. Every day was spent hoping and praying that the Messiah would finally come and save them from their present suffering. After waiting and watching expectantly day-after-day for their Savior to come, they now believed that He was here! For they had seen Jesus, and heard of the miracles He had done, and the prophesies He had fulfilled. Many in the multitude were ready to crown Jesus the king!

Palm branches waved, cloaks were laid down, as Jesus rode on a donkey through the town. “Hosanna!” they shouted, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

Their very words declared that they believed Jesus was on the way to save them! Joy, hope, and adoration poured out!

Palm branches

Little did they know that Jesus came not only to save them from their present situation, but He came with a much greater plan in mind- to save His people from their sins, and to bring glory to His holy name.

The same is true for us! How many of us are in a time of waiting or suffering!? We’re waiting for God to show up and DO something. As we are stuck waiting, we fail to see how God is working and moving in greater ways than we could ever imagine. We just want to be saved from our present situation. But God is so much greater! He is orchestrating His purposes and His plans for our good and for His glory. He is here and He is coming, saving us from sin, fear, guilt, and hopelessness! Hosanna! Praise God!

 Palm branch

Family Time… The Triumphant Entry- Day 1

Read: Mark 11:1-11, Matthew 21:1-11
Listen: “Servant of God” & “Jesus Enters Jerusalem” & “Got to Sing and Shout”  #2082-#2084 on The Kidz Audio Bible
Bible Storybook Connection: “Jesus Rides a Donkey”  pgs. 324-329 My First Hands on Bible

Activity: Act out The Triumphant Entry!
Use a pillow or a person to be the donkey. :) Have each child take a turn being “Jesus”. Use palm branches to wave (You can make your own by cutting out the tracing of your child’s hands on a green piece of paper and attaching to a stick.) and coats to place on the ground, as you shout, “Hosanna! Hooray for the king! Save us, Lord! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

Hosanna hands- Elliana

Basket Link: Place grass, leaves, or green Easter grass in the bottom of the basket, as you praise God for coming to conquer not only our present sufferings, but sin and death!

Prayer: Thank-you, God, for being our Savior and our King! We praise You, Lord!

Extra: I love this explanation of the term Hosanna”! Read it, and then cry out “Hosanna!” in a whole new way! (And then dramatize the story again!)

 Palm Sunday

As we seek to keep Jesus at the heart of our Easter celebrations, we look forward to sharing with you our activities throughout “Holy Week”!

Each day you will find…
Read: (A Scripture passage to read together.)
Listen: (Opportunities to listen to the story audibly when applicable.)
Bible Storybook Connection: (We’ll read from a variety of our favorite storybook Bibles. Here is where I’ll share our top choice(s).)
Activity: (A quick, simple activity to help remember the truths we are reading.)
Basket Link: (Each day we will add something to our “Family Easter Basket” as a symbol of what we are learning.)
Prayer: (A short prayer to pray that day.)
Extra: (Anything extra I find to share with you!)

What’s Next!?
Anointed With the Heart- Day 2
Anointed With the Heart– Day 2


  1. Angela Wood says:

    I love love love all your HOly week ideas! ThNk you so much for sharing!

  2. Daena Brown says:

    Thank you so much! This is just what I needed for my little “tot school” next week. What a way to make learning about Christ fun and memorable.

  3. I am SO excited to have this great lesson plan to work with this week! Thanks so much Jessica! I can’t wait to get started ..we will start a day “behind” but I think we can make it up just fine. So excited!

    • Courtney, it’s so fun to hear from you! And I’m so blessed you’ll be joining us in focusing our hearts on Him! (And, don’t worry- just get to what you can!) :) Have a great week!