One of my Favorite Art Projects Ever!

One of our girls has been struggling with her thoughts… especially when lying in bed. She thinks & thinks & thinks on the wrongs she has done, as well as on any bad dreams that she’s had. The tears come pouring down her face as fear, sadness, & despair seek to take a hold of her!

Many heart to heart conversations are cherished, as I continually grapple with painting a picture of God’s amazing forgiveness & grace into her little mind! I seek to pour truth & goodness & beauty & love into her soul (& into the souls of each one of our children)!

paint canvas

One day, not too many days ago, when the tears had been constant, I found this sweet little note (along with a beautiful smile) written by my precious girl…

“Mommy, I know I have been sad lately.
When I am sad, I will remember
‘Look to the Lord and his strength- seek his face always’.
I love you!”

Tears burned my eyes, as those words were quoted right from one of my very favorite verses… one that I have been clinging to these past months… one that I have been praying over my children… one that we painted on a canvas not that long ago.

canvas art

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I am so blessed that God used that simple art project to impress His Words into the heart of my little girl! And now, it will always be a favorite!

Here’s how you can make your own Scripture Art
*Cut out letters from contact paper
(I first printed mine off of the computer… then cut them out… but LETTER STICKERS would be much easier & faster)!
*Stick letters on canvas!
*Paint… right over the letters!
(We used all of the colors of the rainbow at the same time in this one- with regular finger-paint… we tried other combinations of colors for others that we gave away as gifts, & they all turned out beautifully!)
*Add another layer of colors and/or put on extra handprints or baby footprints if desired!
*When dry, peel off the letter stickers!
Now you have beautiful Scripture Art!

How do you impress God’s Words into the hearts of your children?


  1. Love it! What a great reminer for us adults too- focus on God’s truths.

  2. What a great way to make Scripture art! I love how yours turned out!

  3. Love this idea!

  4. SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome story! Awesome idea!

  5. What an amazing piece of artwork! I will have to do this! Thank you for the idea.

    What a gift it is to teach our children to lean on Jesus in our sadness. Clinging to his Word through our struggles is such an important thing. Bless you for encouraging your little girl!

  6. What a great post and a fabulous idea for scripture art. We will be doing this soon.

  7. Such a great project! Nice idea for helping to get God’s word in their hearts! Thanks for sharing it!

  8. What sweet words from your little one! And I love the painting idea! I’m totally going to do that. Thanks!

  9. I have a sensitive daughter who is like that too. This is a beautiful verse.

    I’ve been wanting to do this art project, but haven’t been sure what to put on the canvas so I haven’t done it yet… Thanks for the reminder!

  10. oh these God sized hearts in tiny frames. To watch this love grow…beautiful!!

  11. Beautiful post!! And…I pinned this! Will most definitely be making one of these canvases with my kids!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am one of the lucky owners of one of those pictures! It has been one of my very favorite verses for quite a while and has helped me to keep my eyes on the Lord where they need to be. Thanks again, girls, for making it for me for Christmas!

  13. So precious.

  14. Super-duper cute! We’ve tried this a few times, but struggle to keep it from bleeding under the contact paper.

    Your’s turned out great!

  15. LOVE IT!!!

  16. Awesome, just love it!

  17. Beautiful idea and blog!

  18. I have a blank canvas that has been on my wall for a couple years now. But now I know what I will be doing with it! Love it!!

  19. Ksoods77 says:

    Hey Jessica, we don’t know each other but I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now. I did this project today with my 4 yr old son and it was really fun, but now I’m trying to figure out where you may have gotten the letters to use on yours. I love the font and can’t seem to find anything online I can use. I used the foam letters which worked OK, but some bleeding occurred. Can you share where you got yours? I would like to do this with another family soon b/c it was a lot of fun and I know their kids will like to do it too! Your blog is great, love, love, love it! Thanks, Karen S.

  20. Hi Karen! We used letters that I had cut out from contact paper… but I’ve also tried just regular stickers and that was SO much faster. :) We did have some bleeding through also, but one thing that helped was to have our kids gently outline the letters first with paint… just gently rubbing on the first coat of paint (to make sure the letters were stuck down well) and then our kids went to town on painting. I do think flat stickers may work a little better, as then they can just paint right over the top of them. (Oh, and on one that we did, there was a part that we just added a dab of white paint over the top- to cover over the excess paint that had bled through.)
    Let me know if it works. :)
    And thank you for your encouragement!

  21. Janice Green says:

    I love this and will share the link on Facebook and Pinterest (where I found it.) I want to find a way to use this idea in Bible school. Eager to explore more on our blog.

  22. Jacquie Neill says:

    Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL idea!! I teach at a Christian school and have been looking for that last art project before school ends….I FOUND IT!! I am going to let the kiddos pick out their favorite verse, HOPEFULLY cut out the letters from contact paper on my Cricut machine, and then let the kids paint! Again, thank you and God bless your family! <3

  23. Katie Hentges says:

    Jessica! I was looking on pinterest under popular pins and saw this picture on there! Caught me off guard!! Word is getting out about your amazing blog I guess!!! :-) Miss you!

  24. We made a similar one fir Mg mother in law for mother’s day…but my dirk letter stickers wouldn’t stick……ended up buying stencils and the hubs painted on 2 Timothy 1:5…she loved if but get super sticky stickers or use contact paper.

  25. L McGuire says:

    This post is from so many months ago, and yet it has just touched my own life through the power of Pintrest! I am so excited to make these sort of projects with our daughters. We have an older daughter, 15, our’s biologically, and an adopted daughter from Guatemala who is 5. She and I are gearing up to start Kindergarten together in the Fall and we can’t wait! My oldest will be beginning 10th grade. It’s so hard to believe how quickly these years together have passed. She was just in 2nd grade when I first brought her home to school. I have a verse that has meant so much to me, on nights when I was unable to sleep because of worry/anxiety, and as my oldest began to enter puberty she began having the same problem. Some of this is a hereditary tendency towards OCD. So we used my favorite verse, printed in script writing on parchment paper and framed it for her room. It has helped more times than I can count and through the years of redoing/redecorating her room, that framed scripture always remained on her nightstand. Psalms 4:8 NKJV, “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” I think I may use this new artwork technique to make something with this verse for our youngest daughter’s room. I am so thankful for the creative gifts God has blessed so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ with, you included. Thank you for sharing this idea. I have had several stagnant blogging years, but am beginning to feel the Lord leading me to begin writing again!!! I look forward to spending much time reading through your articles and your thoughts. If you ever want to pop over, please be sure to say, “Hi!”
    God’s blessings for you and your family,
    L McGuire and

  26. What a precious story and a wonderful verse for this project!
    Thanks so much for sharing your heart!

  27. Kaylan Kaatz says:

    This is such an amazing idea! I love it. I do not have kids of my own, but as a Youth Group Leader, this will definitely be an upcoming activity!!

  28. I like the craft but I like the heart of your child even more. Your child has truly been touched by God. Continue to pour His love into her. As a children’s pastor I love stories such as this. For over 40 years I have a passion to see children discipled to walk with God in a deep and meaningful way.

    May the Lord bless you and your husband as your children mature and move into the challenging teen years. May He give you the individual wisdom for each child.

  29. Love this! Thank you for sharing!! I am going to do something like this with my daughter too.

  30. Absolutely love this idea! We are doing similar things with our kids. The Word is so powerful and it’s really what makes the difference. I love seeing my kids learn to depend on God’s Word. I think if we see them as old enough at any age to be able to trust in God and His word, we are setting them up for such good things in life.

    • So true, Annie! The Word is powerful and can touch the heart of the youngest child. I’m so glad you stopped by, and look forward to getting to know you more! :)

  31. Jenny Lynn says:

    What a great way to impress God’s word on little (and big) hearts. Love the combining of scripture, creative expression and family time. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Jenny! It really has been one of our very favorite projects!
      Many blessings,

  32. This is super cute! How did you get the colors not to mix and turn a yucky color of greyish brown?

    • Hi Noreen! We’ve actually done similar projects a number of times now, and amazingly haven’t had the problem of all the colors mixing together. :) I encourage them to paint a particular section first. Usually each child picks a color, and I’d say, “How about you paint right here.” Since it’s bigger than your average paper, they seem to be content each having their own sections. We often pick to put colors next to each other that would blend well together. (So we’d have blue then purple then pink then orange, etc.) In the end you do want a little blending, as this makes it look really pretty. Each one turns out differently. Thanks for asking. Jessica

    • Hi again, Noreen! I was replying from my dashboard, and actually thought you were talking about a different favorite art project that we just did. :) Sorry! So, for this favorite art project, we didn’t have too much of a problem mixing the colors. I just encouraged not to mix too much. I think because it’s a bigger space, they were happy to fill in their section. When making footprints/extra paintings on top- we waited until the first coat of paint was dry. There was one that turned out a bit more brownish, but it actually still looked really nice. For some we used a couple colors to start with, that would blend well together… (say green, yellow and blue), and then once it dried we added other colors (shades of purple and pink). Hope this helps a little. The nice part is, if it turns out really silly, you can just paint over everything and then try again. (Although that hasn’t happened to us yet.) :) Jessica

  33. Thanks Jessica for the explanations on color usage. Just one last question :) is that painted onto canvas? or white poster board? Or would either really do?

    • We used a canvas (as I got them on a really good sale), but I think that poster board would work also. You’d just want to be a little extra careful when peeling off the letters. (Oh, and if you do choose to use a canvas, one thing that helped the letters to stick and the paint not to bleed under too much, was to have the kids very lightly outline each letter with a little paint… basically just gently rubbing their finger over the edges of each letter, before going to town with the paint.) Hope this helps! Blessings! :) Jessica

  34. I LOVE this idea. I’m going to make a few of these as gifts. A good friend of mine has a little girl who is about 9 months. I babysit her every other Wednesday night and I’m going to make one of these with her for her mommy & daddy for Christmas. What a lovely idea! :) Thanks for sharing. By the way…..the story you shared brought tears to my eyes. My husband & I have been struggling with infertility for a few years and recently had an adoption let-down. We have been feeling very sad lately, but this was such an encouragement to me to continue to seek God’s face, no matter what our circumstances.

    • Oh, Alyssa- that little girl’s parents will treasure it! :) And, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I can imagine the heart-ache that you and your husband feel, and I am praying right now that God will draw close to you, and bring you joy and peace. Hugs! Jessica

  35. Hi!
    Thank you so much for sharing this idea! For three yrs now, we have had a summer “family camp” with just our little family of 4 and make a canvas project each yr. This one was a hit with the kids (worked on it this morning!) Our 4 yr old Mimi wrote “Jesus loves me this I know” and 6 yr old Jacob “I’m in the Lord’s army”…they came out AMAZING! We used sticky letters and it worked perfect, also did hand prints….I LOVE IT!! Thank you and may our sweet Lord bless you guys!

    • Teresa, I am thrilled to hear how wonderfully these turned out for your family!! Hooray! Thanks so much for sharing and for being an encouragement to me! Jessica

  36. Love, love, love that idea! I’m always looking for ways to impress God’s Word on my kids’ hearts. We just moved and we’re still in the decorating/settling process. I may even try this with my kids before school starts next week! Thanks for sharing.

  37. Just saw this linked somewhere else (and I know it is an older post) but I HAD to comment! What a wonderful, easy, beautiful way to get Scripture into the home – thank you for sharing! LOVE it.

  38. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for posting this! I saved it as a Pinterest pin quite awhile ago for future reference. Over the past two days we have had 18 ladies creating lovely DesignVerses using this idea. They too, have Creatively Connected to God’s Word! Some pictures can be seen on our facebook page