Letter Art Fun- from A to Z

We had so much fun with “Letter Art” this past school-year!! We made every letter of the alphabet into something that begins with the letter… we tried hard to use objects, or a way of decorating that also begins with the letter! :) And now I (finally) have all the pictures together to share every single letter of the alphabet with you!

I didn’t go into great detail for each letter… hopefully the pictures will help! :) But here are a few general tips…
Use white cardstock paper (SO much sturdier than regular copy or construction paper).
-I just cut the letters out free-style, but I know you can find free letter templates online.
-Think about what colors you need ahead of time (if you’ll need an extra “ear” or “beak” etc. get an extra piece of paper for your child to decorate while decorating the letters).
-Have lots of “google eyes”- as these are so fun.
Be prepared to make a mess (have newspaper & art smocks ready)… but HAVE FUN!
Let your child do it on their own! (All I did was cut out the letters!) Even let your child cut out the extra pieces & glue them on if they are able! This provides LOTS of wonderful fine-motor skills work, & they just turn out cuter if the child decorates as much as possible all on their own (even if the “mouth” is crooked)!
Be creative! Most of what we came up with, was just from asking Kayla, “What should we make with the Letter __?” There are so many possibilities, & everyone’s will (& should) turn out a little differently!

Letter A
*Paint with Apples
(cut in half)… Make Alligator & Apple!
*Supplies- apple, green & red paint, scraps of white (alligator teeth), green (leaves) & black (seeds) paper, glue & google eyes

painting with applesMy Letter Aa

Letter B
*Bubble Paint (blow bubbles of soapy water with food coloring)… Make Butterfly & Baby Bear! {We also made a Boat & Bumble Bee!}
*Supplies- soapy water, food coloring (any colors), black paper (for antennas & extra butterfly wing), paper scraps (any color… for ears), glue, google eyes

birthday & bubbles 061 my letter B

Letter C
*Cream Paint (equal parts of shaving cream & glue) or glue on Cotton balls… Make Cat & Cloud!
*Supplies- shaving cream & glue (or cotton balls), paper for tail & ears, black paper (whiskers), pink paint (ears & nose), google eyes

school fun 040 My letter C

Letter D
*Duck & Dot Paint (use bottom of rubber ducky dipped in paint)… Make Dog & Duck!
*Supplies- rubber duck, black, yellow & orange paint, extra paper for dog ear (black) & tongue (red), & duck beak & feet (painted orange), feather, glue, google eyes

duck paintingletter Ds

Letter E
*Paint with “E” items (Elephants, Empty jars, Easter Eggs)… Make Elephants!
Supplies-  paint (we used purplish gray), “E” items to paint with, gray paper (or paint to make gray paper) for ears, lines on trunks & tails, google eyes, glue

Letter EE is for Elephant

Letter F
Feather Paint (use a feather as a paint brush)… Make Fox & Flamingo!
*Supplies- feathers, brown paint (paint extra paper brown for fox tail & ears), pink paint (paint extra paper yellow for flamingo beak & legs), black cotton ball, glue, google eyes

Letter FF- fox-flamingo

Letter G
*Glitter Glue
(or Glue on Glitter)… Make Grapes & a Garden!
*Supplies- glitter glue (assortment of colors… especially green & purple)

g is for gardenLetter G

Letter H
*Paint with Handprints… Make House & Horse!
*Supplies- paint (any color), extra paper for roof of house & windows, black paper (horse’s mane & tail), google eye, glue

hands Letter H

Letter I
*Ice-cube paint
(paint with an Ice-cube… this gives it a very soft look)… Make Ice-cream cones!
*Supplies- ice cubes & paint (brown for cone, any color for ice cream, red for cherry), glue

I is for ice-cream Letter I

Letter J
*Letter J is for “Jesus”… Paint candy-cane J’s!
*Supplies- red & white paint, glitter, paintbrush

candy cane J Letter J

Letter K
*Decorate with Hershey’s Kisses & wrappers… Make Kings!
*Supplies- extra cardstock paper (for crowns), Hershey’s Kisses (for nose) & wrappers (for crowns & mouths), google eyes, glue, markers or beads to decorate

K is for King Letter K

Letter L
*Glue on cotton balls
(I wanted to use Lace, but we didn’t have any)… Make Lambs!
*Supplies- cotton balls or lace, glue, pink marker (color cotton ball to make nose), google eyes, extra white paper for ears

L is for lambLetter L

Letter M…
*Marble Paint
(dip marbles in paint & roll over the paper… using a box helps)… Make Mice!
*Supplies- marbles, box lid, gray paint, pink paint (ears), black paper (whiskers), google eyes, pink cotton ball (nose), glue

Marble painting M Letter M

Letter N…
*Newspaper Collage with moon & stars painted on top… Make Night-time scene!
*Supplies- newspaper, glue, star & moon sponges or stamps, white paint, glitter

n is for nightLetter N

Letter O…
*Paint with Oranges
(we left ours whole, but you could cut it… it would just be more juicy)… Make Owls!
*orange, paint (golden- for body & ears, orange- for beak & feet, & black- for eyes), extra paper for large eyes, ears, beak & feet, glue

o is for orange Letter O

Letter P…
*Paint… Make Penguins!
(Kayla added crowns so we had a Prince & Princess Penguin!)
*Supplies- Paint (black, orange, white, any color for crowns), extra paper (for beaks, feet & crowns), google eyes, glue

Painting Penguin PLetter P

Letter Q…
*Glue on Quilt pieces… Make Quilted Queens!
*Supplies- scrapbook paper or felt or fabric cut in squares (& extra for crowns), glue

Letter Q Q is for Queen

Letter R
*Rolling Rainbow paint
(put colors of the rainbow on paper & roll with a rolling pin)… Make Rainbow Rabbits!
*Supplies- paint (ALL colors of the rainbow!), rolling pin, extra paper for ears, black paper for nose & whiskers, glue, google eyes, you could also add a cotton ball for a tail :)

rolling RsLetter R

Letter S
*Sticky Syrup paint
(use clear corn syrup with food coloring mixed in… allow to dry FLAT for a week… it is VERY sticky, but so pretty!!)… Make Snake & Strawberry!
*Supplies- clear corn syrup with food coloring (or paint) mixed in, paint brushes, extra paper for tongue of snake & top of strawberry, black paint for strawberry seeds, google eyes

S is for Snake Letter S

Letter T
*Paint with Trucks or Trains
(just roll their wheels right into the paint, & then roll on the paper)… Make Tigers!
*Supplies- trucks or trains, orange & black paint, extra paper for ears, tail, whiskers, nose, & eyes (we ran out of large google eyes that week), glue

Letter T Letter T

Letter U…
*Upside-down painting
(paint leaning upside-down, or tape the paper to the bottom of a table)… Make Upside-down Umbrellas!
*Supplies- Paint (variety of colors), black marker (draw on lines after paint is dry), black paper (for umbrella handle), glue

upside-down U Letter U

Letter V…
*Paint with Vegetables
(any kind would work- we used broccoli & cabbage)… Make Vegetables!
*Supplies- vegetables to paint with… this time paint on plain paper & then cut them into vegetable shapes to glue onto the letter “V”, paint (orange, green, yellow), glue

V is for VegetableLetter V

Letter W…
*Water-color Paint
(paint the W’s as well as Whales to glue on top)… Make Water with Whales swimming!
*Supplies- 2 shades of blue water-color paints, google eyes, extra paper for whales (I printed off a picture of a clip-art whale.), black marker to trace outline of whale, glue

Letter WW is for Whale in Water

Letter X…
*Make Xylophone & X-ray!
*Supplies- copies of x-rays (or cut out bone shapes)… we got ours when Kayla broke her arm… extra paper (all colors of the rainbow) cut in different sized rectangles, extra black paper (to make 1 or both X’s black if you would like), glue

Letter X X

Letter Y…
*Glue on Yellow Yarn… Make Yellow Yo-Yo’s!
*Supplies- glue, yellow yarn (glued on in circle shapes)

Letter Y Y is for yellow yarn

Letter Z…
*Paint black stripes
(you can use an old Zipper if you would like)… Make Zebras!
*Supplies- black paint, zipper or paintbrush, black paper (for mane), glue, google eyes

Z is for zebraLetters z

Wow! Looking back is so much fun to see ALL the letters Kayla decorated! :) If you have any questions, please let me know! Read more about how we came up with this “new way” of doing “Letter Art”! Also, feel free to read more about our fun-filled preschool year (we loved using Heart of Dakota’sLittle Hands to Heaven”)! This is getting me so excited to start our school-year next week! :)


  1. These are all great! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  2. Wow, what a thorough post. You are very kind to share your ideas with others. Must be the teacher in you :)

  3. Jessica – these are wonderful ideas!! Thank you SO much for sharing them – they will be wonderful for my girls this year :)

  4. Thanks for sharing, Jess! Princess M is going to be going through all the letters this year, and I have been planning to do something similar. I’m still shopping for supplies. Blessings.

  5. I think this is absolutely fantastic and the fact that you shared every letter with us is too awesome! What an inspiration you are momma!

  6. I absolutely love your letter art you did with Kayla. How creative! My little one is so excited about doing school now and we went shopping for things to put on her letters and she was doing all the sounds and helped me find r-r-race cars (2 big brothers), c-c cupcakes, t-t turtles.
    I know we are in for a fun last use of LHTH (3rd and final time around).
    Success and I am looking forward to following your kiddo’s!

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    come link up to the Sunday Showcase (open thru Thurs)


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