Easter Egg Prayers

What child doesn’t love a good Easter Egg Hunt!? I know each of our children love running around in search of each and every brightly colored egg… they could do this over & over for days… taking turns hiding & finding each egg! Yet, if we are not careful, all of the “extra fun” of Easter can turn our hearts & minds away from the One who Easter is truly all about… Jesus!!!

So, how can Easter eggs turn our focus to Jesus? Remember, a chickens’ fresh laid eggs are a beautiful symbol- a precious reminder of the new life that Christ brings… in our hearts, in our lives! When our children go in search of eggs, we can remind them of how it is even more exciting to find new life in Christ!!

my Easter eggs

Yet, this year we wanted to take it a step further, & to do something a little bit different! We made our plastic eggs into a way to spend time praising & praying to Jesus!! :) And, we’ve had so much fun!!

We’ve done this in a couple of ways

1. Encourage each child to find at least one egg of each color, & these colors correspond with the “P.R.A.Y.” acronym we use with our kids (We often use this acronym when praying with our kids before bed: it is also a part of each of their Prayer Books!)
*Pink/Purple- PRAISE GOD!!
“Dear God, I praise you because You are_____ (awesome, great, mighty, etc.)!!”
*Blue- REPENT!! “Dear God, I am sorry for_______!! Please forgive me!!”
*Green- ASK!! “Dear God, Please help______!! Please be with______!”
*Yellow/Orange- THANK-YOU!! “Thank-You, God, for ______!”

Whenever they find a pink egg, they take a moment to praise God… whenever they find a blue egg, they tell God something they are sorry for… etc. (Each time praying for/saying something different!) Those are just the colors we happened to have, but any colors would work… or if you have multi-colored eggs, you could choose a particular pattern for each letter… spotted eggs could be for “Repent”, eggs with zig-zags could be for “Ask”, etc.

2. Then, on the inside of each egg is written a name… Grandmas & Grandpas, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins, our Sponsor children, neighbors, friends, missionaries, families from church, etc. We used the same names we use with our Prayer Jar… we just added a few names! :) After finding all of the eggs (We counted to make sure we had them all!), each child opened up the eggs & prayed for the individuals & families that were listed!

Easter eggs Easter egg prayers

What a joy hearing the sweet prayers of our little ones rising to heaven… all because of a few Easter eggs!

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  1. Another great idea, Jessica! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is such a great idea! I think I may “borrow” it from you!

  3. What a great idea. I exspecially love the acronmy.

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  6. I love this idea!!! (And I’m not ignoring your email from last week – I want to be able to take time and sit down to really read and answer it; we have had a really neat week that I will share about, too.)

  7. What a wonderful idea! I have been racking my brain trying to connect an egg hunt with the resurrection story – and you did it in a few sentences!

    Thank you so much for blessing me today!

  8. That is a wonderful idea!

  9. Great idea! Thanks for always encouraging us moms to keep the focus on Jesus!

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    And thanks so much for linking up with Impress Your Kids!

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