Making Easter Truly About JESUS!

So, yeah, the story of Easter is tough.

It is painful, soul-ripping, and gloriously beautiful.

In the end we find it’s a story of deep sacrifice, extraordinary love, and ultimate victory. But getting to that point can be quite excruciating.

At Christmas we fall in love with Jesus – God with us – right there as a babe in a feeding trough. And as we weave together pieces of His life written throughout the gospels, we can’t help but become more and more enamored with Him.

And then He’s crucified in the cruelest of ways.

It’s just tough. Maybe one of the reasons some of us find it easier to talk with our kids about bunnies and chicks and chocolate eggs and jelly beans?

But it’s a true story. And it’s a story we desperately need.

His life, His sacrifice, His forgiveness, His power, His victory, His love! Oh how I long for more and more of Him!

And how I desire for my children to understand this beautiful, passionate story lived out and written for each one of us. Which is why we’ll be talking and reading and making His story our life once again this year.

And we’d love for you to join us! – It’s all free! A family devotional for Easter – ten days to focus on HIM, the immensity of His love, and the transformative power of Christ’s death and resurrection!

More of Jesus this Easter

This is what you will find each day as we seek to keep Jesus at the heart of our Easter celebrations:
Read: A Scripture passage to read together and focus on for the day.
Listen: Opportunities to listen to the story from The Kidz Audio Bible… our kids LOVE this!
The podcast site that I’ve used in the past is no longer working, so I’m working hard to switch links and the numbers of the stories so that these will be ready for you by Sunday. If you’d like to download the entirety of the Kidz Audio Bible, you can go here.
Bible Storybook Connection:
We’ll read from a variety of our favorite storybook Bibles. Here is where I’ll share our top choice(s) for that days reading with you, but feel free to use any you already have in your home. (Honestly, we have some other favorites now, so I’ll add those in if I get a chance.)

Activity: A quick, simple activity to help remember the truths we are reading.

Basket Link: Each day we will add a little something to our “Family Easter Basket” as a symbol of what we are learning.

Prayer: A short prayer to pray that day.

Extra: Anything extra I find to share with you!

Will you join us in making Easter about Jesus!? Starting on Palm Sunday – or whenever you are ready – simply click on the links or pictures below to take you to that day’s fun! :)

The Triumphant Entry – {Day 1 – Palm Sunday}

The Triumphant Entry – {Day 1}

Anointed With the Heart – {Day 2}

Anointed With the Heart – {Day 2}

Christ’s Example to Serve – {Day 3}

Christ’s Example to Serve – {Day 3}

The Last Supper – {Day 4}

The Last Supper – {Day 4}

Prayer in the Garden – {Day 5}

Prayer in the Garden – {Day 5}

His Sacrifice – {Day 6 – Good Friday}

His Sacrifice – {Day 6 – Good Friday}

Buried in the Tomb – {Day 7}

Buried in the Tomb – {Day 7}

He is Risen! {Resurrection Sunday}

He is Risen! {Resurrection Sunday}

Remember {After Holy Week}

Remember {After Holy Week}

Always {The Final Day… For Now}

Always {The Final Day… For Now}

Download your own supply list for these ten days of focusing little (& big) hearts on Jesus!
Most items can be found in your art supply cabinet or pantry, and almost everything is interchangeable. (If you don’t have a gold Easter egg, use a yellow one. If you don’t have grape juice, use purple-colored water…) And If you don’t have time for all the activities, that’s just fine! Use it as a guide to help you make Easter about Him. The goal is to lead our kids to Christ by helping them get to know the Good News! :)

How to Make Easter About Jesus

***And here’s a whole list of other ways our family has had fun making Easter about Jesus!***
{Scavenger hunt, Easter egg prayers, Dyeing eggs, Easter baskets, Resurrection rolls, Stained-glass crosses, and one of my very favorites– Beautiful salt-dough crosses, etc.}

dough crosses

stained glass window crosses

Praying that God will use these ten days to work miracles in little and big hearts this Easter season.

When Fearful You Are Not Enough

Come the one hundred thirty-second day of school, you can find yourself standing at the kitchen sink with a girl crunching apples to the beat of the clock ticking loud –

Beating as if it were your own heart thumping lower.

And you can stare out the window watching snow dripping muddy puddles and the train rumbling by, and you can get to really wondering.

Because once you begin to grow a child, whether in womb or heart, you can begin to really feel the pressure of time gnawing down.

And you wonder in all these days strung together if you’ll all ever really get it.

when fearful you are not enough

you are not enough

fearful you are not enough

If the boy who can’t ever seem to get all the drips in the toilet, who stomps loud over putting socks away, and weeps big tears when the crunchiest apple isn’t his, will ever go further than the bedroom across the hall.

If the daughter who rolls her eyes half-way out of their sockets and who elbow-thumps her sister for writing too noisily on a Wednesday will ever learn selflessness.

If the husband will ever find himself married to a woman he loves being with day in and day out.

And if the kids will ever have memories of a mama who smiles easily, listens closely, shapes laughter and grace, compassion and thanks and all these good days out of all the tangled craziness.

And it can all begin to feel like the weight of eternity.

when you're not enough

when fearful you're not enough

But you can breathe in and you can breathe out.

And you can make a mess of things and you can smile and you can be gracious and you can fail – all before seven in the morning. For the truth can come like something steeping good and luscious and sure.

All your foibles and failures and sins can’t keep you from the love of God.

And all your strengths and gifts and accomplishments can’t ever save you.

Your failures aren’t enough to keep you from God’s love and your best efforts aren’t enough to save you.

Your sinfulness isn’t enough to keep your child from God’s love and no amount of your goodness, uprightness, kindheartedness, coolness, or any other –ness will ever be enough to save your child.

Because you are not enough – to raise these children, to love this husband, to meet this deadline, to tilt worlds to Christ.

For every sin and every strength always falls short.

His love bleeding grace is the only thing that is ever enough.

His love that stretches out nail-scarred hands from everlasting to everlasting.

And who counts His righteousness as our own.

His love is always enough when nothing else is.

He is always enough when no one else is.

you're not enough

fearful you're not enough

So you can stand at the sink with a girl crunching apples to the beat of the clock ticking loud – beating as if it were your own heart thumping lower – with the snow dripping puddles and the train rumbling by, and you can see it happen right there in your kitchen…

Love reaching through time and stretching out everlasting – giving you always and infinitely more than enough.

To My Only Son – on Your 7th Birthday

To My Only Son

Sure, everywhere we go, you’re the boy with all those sisters – The one with crazy energy and far more passion than I ever thought possible. The little man striving to exhibit incredible strength, courage, and honor amidst all things girly. The son that I never in a million years could’ve realized how very much […]

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Dear Mama Who Has No Time for God

Dear Mama Who Has No Time for God

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When You Just Don’t Know What to Do

Looking to you for help

Because sometimes, sometimes (often times?) we just don’t know what to do. We’re too overwhelmed to move, too shocked to cry, too tired to speak, too exasperated to try yet one more thing – Head in hands. Deep breath. Eyes to Him. Words barely audible – “I do not know what to do, but I […]

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How to Make the Best Real, Ordinary Love


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When You Think You Just Can’t Do This Anymore

When You Just Can't Do This Anymore

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For When You Don’t Feel Beautiful

For When You Don't Feel Beautiful

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When Your Heart Might Burst

When Your Heart Might Burst

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The One Thing I Need to Remember This New Year

happy 2015

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