The Day My Boy Turned Nine

It’s been nine years of this crazy adventure of raising a little man.

Nine years of courage and passion, joy and strength.

And my heart swells looking upon the man God is growing this now nine-year-old of mine to be.

me and my birthday boy

Happy Birthday Isaiah

birthday day

Narnia birthday

Oh, Isaiah Gabriel, our lives are so much richer and more glorious because of you.

Through you I am continually learning what it means to show honor, to be humble, and to be an ordinary everyday hero – one that walks with God in the big and the oh-so-little.

You, my boy, show me the sweet struggle to display these characteristics.

For God knows that we are both finding that it’s His love in our hearts and the strength He gives us on the inside that truly matters.

I’m forever grateful we get to do this together.

happy 9th birthday Isaiah

my boy and me

birthday movie

You and your passion.

You and your dedication.

You and your love for basketball and heroism and all things Narnia.

You and the ways you think of and cherish and try to protect this mama.

Oh, I love you!

Isaiah birthday cake

Isaiah's 9th birthday

Happy 9th Birthday, Isaiah Gabriel!
I can hardly wait to see all that God will teach us in the next nine years of crazy adventure.
Love you!

On Your 12th Birthday

A dozen years since that day in the hospital when our worlds changed forever.

These two tiny, precious babes came and made their ways straight to our hearts. Who ever could’ve believed the fragile, beautiful, terrifying, heart-molding, glorious days to come?

Oh, Alyssa Marie and Elliana Grace, how can it be that you are twelve already!?

baby girls

12th birthday

birthday girls

Half a dozen years ago you were the tenderhearted girls who peeked big, round, smiling eyes in at this mama who lay sick in bed pregnant with the littlest of your baby sisters.

Six years before that you were the babes in the NICU with all the wires and cords and preemie diapers that were still too big.

Six years from now you’ll be adults all ready to live out your dreams.

And I can barely breathe thinking of how fast the time is going.

But what I want you to know today – today – is that you are so very loved.

I’ve loved you from the moment you were wrapped in my womb; I’ve loved you something fierce and strong and beautiful for all our yesterdays; and that love will continue for all of our tomorrows.

But I don’t want you to miss how much I adore you today.

baby Alyssa

Alyssa's 12th birthday

baby Elliana

Elliana's 12th birthday

Alyssa, with your compassionate, helpful, caring personality, and the way you laugh, the way you bring joy, the way you show glimpses of God to those around you.

And Elliana, with your quiet, thoughtful, kind heart, and the way you serve, the way you work hard, and the way you surprise us with beauty from within.

And, yeah, some moments are hard. Emotions reign, words slash, and we’re all still learning how to live together through these awkward, scary, amazing days. But I love, love, love that today you are the girls that have grown to be my friends. You are the young ladies who stay up late watching Fixer Upper with me, the beauties that share my favorite coffee-ish drink, the precious ones that giggle with me over the quirkiness of the little ones and the daddy that we get to do life with, and the dear souls that lead me to the throne of God.

birthday girls and mama

Oh, I am so honored to be your mom. And I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than here – by your side as you grow and learn and love and change.

God is working something lovely.

It’s breathtaking.


Happy 12th Birthday Alyssa and Elliana!
You are so very loved!

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