Needing God in our Marriages, Homes, and Lives (Colossians – Week 8)

There are a lot of hard and messy and hurt-filled moments in our home. I know that it may not seem that way. It’s easy to look at the pictures of smiling kids and read the stories of beautiful times, and conclude that we have it all together. But the truth is that there’s a lot of ugly mixed with the happy. We’re your ordinary family with bumps and bruises, love and joy all interwoven. And often we’re just trying to figure out how to make it till the end of the day. And even breath-taking days can end in tears.

Oh, how thankful I am that God is not silent about how to live day in and day out in our marriages, in our parenting, and in our world. These relationships that sometimes come so naturally and beautifully, often come painfully hard. What a blessing that God’s words can bring hope and joy to my home – and yours!

I have a feeling that as we soak up more of His Words, we’ll find it’s less about us, and all for Him!

Let’s draw near to God, growing ever closer to His heart, as we learn to live lives that glorify Him – right here in all the ordinary and the mess.

Colossians - Week 8 Our Family For His Glory

There is so much information (good and bad) surrounding us in regards to marriage and parenting and living with other people in this world. I think this week is a really important week in studying what GOD says about these things!

So, get rid of any pre-conceived ideas or defensive feelings you may have, so that we can soak up the Truth of His Words!

Let’s seek God and His heart as we search Scripture to find what He says about our relationships.

One helpful tool we’ll use this week is a topical Bible.

A topical Bible is just what it sounds like – a Bible that lists Scripture together by topics. I don’t have a topical Bible. But, this is one of the reasons I like – because they have topical Bibles for free online.

Do you remember how to get there?

*Go to and type “Colossians 3:18” in the search box. Select the translation you would like to use, and click the “search” button.

topic 1

*Click on the “TOOLS” button next to the verse containing the word that you’d like to study further. (For example – vs. 18 is good for “wife” and vs. 19 for “husband.”)

topic 2

*This time we’re going to click on the reddish colored “DICTIONARIES” tab.

topic 3

*Or, you can get there the same way if you hover over the “TOOLS” button, and click on the reddish “DICTIONARIES” tab that pops up.

topic 4

*Either way, you will come to the “Reference Works” page for that verse. Scroll down to where wife/husband (children, slaves, etc.) is located under one of the topical references (Nave’s Topical Bible and/or Torrey’s New Topical Textbook) and click on the link.

topic 5

*Hover over the Scripture links to read them right on the page. (Click on the links to take you to the verses in context.)

topic 6

Let’s seek His Word together. What a blessing it will be.

I’m praying for you this week, as God brings sweet joy in our homes and to our relationships!

Colossians Week 8 - Our Family For His Glory

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Will you pursue God and His truth along with me?

illuminated - Colossians

Last Week: Living the New Life – Colossians 3:1-17
Next Week: Devoted in Prayer and Lots of Grace – Colossians 4:2-6

Oh, what an incredible week we have ahead of us – if we live these truths, we just might see our marriages, homes, and worlds transformed!

I’d love for you to come and share what God is teaching you as you are illuminated in His Word and as you learn His heart and as you LIVE for Him… right in your kitchen, living room, bedroom!

Sharing the Gospel With Kids (With Lots of Dirt!)

There’s this favorite Family {Bible} Time of ours. We love it so much that I think we do a version of it at least once a year. (And on this hot summer day we opted for the swimming suit edition.)

It’s a precious way to share the truths of the gospel with our kids. And the conversations that bubble up and out from little hearts for weeks afterwards – are truly priceless.

But please don’t mistake that for my way of saying it was the “perfect” family time!  At first one refused to participate at all, and others were fighting over something I can’t even remember right now. And as I was reading the Bible, one of my precious children would not stop whistling. No, Family Time isn’t “perfect” at our house. – And please don’t mistake me for that “Super Mommy” who does all those fun things with her kids. No, my dirty heart was just as ugly as I tried to wrangle them all together, because this-is-going-to-be-fun (whether you like it or not). My attitude made for good (really bad) examples of having a dirty heart. :( So thankful for His pure grace!

sharing the gospel with dirt

Colossians Family {Bible} Time –  Week 7
(Corresponds with this week’s Colossians Bible Study!)

It all began with reading these words right from Colossians 3:1-17.

And with every sin the mud got splattered on. It didn’t take long for the jumping, throwing, and smearing to take over. Although no one did lie right down and roll in the dirt. (And we never did convince a certain four-year-old to join in the spattering.)

sharing the gospel with a bit of dirt

sharing the gospel with all that dirtsharing the gospel - with dirt

mud and sharing the gospel

sharing the gospel with mud

sharing the gospel with lots of dirt

the gospel with dirt

the gospel with mud

the gospel with lots of dirt

Yeah, often times sinning can be fun, but in the end – it looks and feels awful.

But because of Christ, we can be rid of all this dirt.

Jesus is the one that takes our sin away, but we have a part to play – we still need to choose to “turn on the hose and stand in its spray” if you will.

gospel - washing off the dirt

washing off the dirt

washing off the mud

And as we are rid of all the yuck, we have another choice – a choice to clothe ourselves with virtues of Christ.

Compassion. Kindness. Humility. Gentleness. Patience. Forgiveness. LOVE. Peace. Thankfulness.

For just as it is important for us to wear real clothes – some of us taking painstaking amounts of time on what to wear outwardly – it’s even more important that we put on these virtues of Christ. As Christ is working in our hearts, what a joy it is to put effort and time into beautifully clothing ourselves with what honors Him.

put on new self

putting on new self

gospel - put on new self

new self

sharing the gospel - new self

the gospel - put on new self

And, yeah, they might slip off now and then.

But we just keep putting them on and putting them on.

And there – as we talked about the disobeying and arguing and grumpiness and sin that took place moments earlier – was the beautiful opportunity to talk once again of how Jesus is the ONLY way that we can be clean on the inside!

Such a precious way of showing on the outside what Jesus has done on the inside! As well as how we have a part in choosing to put off the sin in our lives and to put on righteousness. Yes, we will fail – miserably many days. But the more I come to know God, the more I want to emulate Him and walk with my heart set on Him!

Learning to put off sin and to emulate Christ!

The sweet lessons as we learn to walk as holy and dearly loved children of God!

(Those virtue cards are now hanging on our bathroom mirror – a sweet little reminder to keep living this new life in Him.)

For some other – not quite so muddy – versions of this family time go here, here, or here. :)

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