Today My Baby Turned Six!

Half a dozen years ago we held this beauty for the first time. Who knew that our love could multiply so much that day after celebrating the years of marriage & love & time & faithfulness!? But just after the sun shone brightly that June morning our precious Ariya Faith was born.

And this sweet girl has continued to capture our hearts every day since.

birthday girl


6 years old

birthday swimming

birthday presents

birthday fun

Daddy and Ariya

new bike

swimming birthday girl

Oh, Ariya Faith – I am so thankful for you!

For your hugs and your smiles.

For your helpfulness and kindness.

For the way you make friends and the way you play hard.

For the way you light up the room as only you can.

I am honored to watch your bravery in gymnastics; your dedication in learning to read; your independence in making your own sandwiches, getting your own Band-Aids, praying your own prayers; but I’m most honored that you call me Mommy.

And what a blessing it is to be the one you look for in a crowd. I will always wave back, Baby Girl.

mommy with the birthday girl

Today you woke up and one hand was no longer able to show the entirety of your little girl years. And somehow you became the age that your biggest sisters were the very first time we all met you outside the womb.

The years keep passing, and I just keep right on loving you, breathing in the wonder of it all.

6 kids

happy 6th birthday Ariya

Happy 6th Birthday, Ariya Faith!
We love you deeply.

This Man I Love

It’s been fifteen years with this man I love, and he just keeps stealing my heart.

Oh, I love him and our life together – the everyday, ordinary, digging in the dirt together moments, & the wonder of watching our children getting older and us getting older too.

our 15th anniversary!

15th anniversary

our 15th anniversary

I love you, Gabe – your heart, dedication, friendship, godliness…

My heart still skips a beat when I see you across the room, and your arms are my favorite place to be.

15th anniversary

Happy 15th Anniversary!
I look forward to many more.

This Girl

Love This Girl

This girl – She turned 11 yesterday. It was a beautiful day celebrating this beautiful girl. Her smiles and love and tender heart. Her joy and fun and creativity. The way she adores her friends, cares for animals, cherishes her family, and loves God. She has this quiet strength, amazing perseverance, and glorious way of […]

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Joy and Sorrow

Joy and Sorrow

I’m this splattered puddle of emotions today. There’s this sweet surprise of joy found right here squished between scrubbing bathroom floors and shaking whipping cream to concoct this buttery science experiment. And there’s this ache of missing my daddy that – after eleven years – I know will always be here in the way her […]

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The Day My Boy Turned Nine

The Day My Son Turned Nine

It’s been nine years of this crazy adventure of raising a little man. Nine years of courage and passion, joy and strength. And my heart swells looking upon the man God is growing this now nine-year-old of mine to be. Oh, Isaiah Gabriel, our lives are so much richer and more glorious because of you. […]

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On Your 12th Birthday


A dozen years since that day in the hospital when our worlds changed forever. These two tiny, precious babes came and made their ways straight to our hearts. Who ever could’ve believed the fragile, beautiful, terrifying, heart-molding, glorious days to come? Oh, Alyssa Marie and Elliana Grace, how can it be that you are twelve […]

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Slow Down (School Pictures 2016-2017)


Slow down. Just for a little. I want to just sit here and breathe in all the moments that God has orchestrated for His glory. Today – Today I will marvel at the beauty and the mess, the first steps and the closed chapters, the tears and the joys – each one strung together by […]

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Our 6th Grade Curriculum (The Thinking Tree) – and what we think so far


More than a month of intentional heart-growing, mind-stretching learning – and I can’t help but smile and breathe it all in. It’s been amazing to wake up to this – the crazy beautiful that comes from teaching my half a dozen kids at home. A few short months ago I agonized over the amount of […]

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A Sneak Peek to our School Year


Today was our first day of school for the year. We’ve got kindergarten, first, third, fifth, and sixth grades going on at out home. It’s the first time all of our children are in school. I find it this incredibly beautiful mixture of happy-sad. Oh, I am so grateful for a God who goes before […]

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Now She’s 7 Years Old


She’s the girl that sparks sweet joy in our hearts. She’s the girl that teaches us more about love. She’s the girl that sings glorious songs every day. She’s the girl that shows us how to be brave. And I’m in awe of the ways that her beauty and her strength, her uniqueness and her […]

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