A Secret to (Sisters and Brothers and Everyone) Getting Along

Maybe if we implemented this secret there wouldn’t be so many mommy wars,

Or rebellious kids,

Or fathers that flee,

Or children that leave the church,

Or sisters that won’t talk to each other for decades.

I don’t know.

But I do know this “secret” is changing my heart and my mind and my whole perspective on just about everything that goes on in and around my home.

A Secret To Getting Along

getting along

{That’s my beautiful Ariya – I mean “Elsa” – girl along with her sister “Anna”bella. This sweet girl got a handmade Elsa dress and cape from my mom for her birthday. An Anna dress has already been requested for big sister’s birthday. :) Oh, how I love these girls! And I want them to know how blessed they are to have each other.}

Secret to getting along

Family {Bible} Time1 Peter – Week 8
(Corresponds with this week’s 1 Peter 3:8-22 Bible Study)

And maybe, just maybe, this “secret” is what we’ve all been needing.

It isn’t flashy or bold, or even something new to me. I think I read a whole book about it in college? But this week we’re actually trying to DO it.

It’s repaying evil with a blessing. (from vs. 9)

This evil that is inwardly foul, rotten, poisoned… and comes out in so many ugly ways.

This blessing that gives honor and benefits others.

This blessing that speaks well of and does good by God-empowered strength.

(Oh, how incredible this fits with last week’s lesson!)

And let me tell you that this voicing or displaying of a blessing – especially when there’s been sin by the other – it’s really, really hard for me. I hear the whiny voice and the hurt-filled words. I see the disobedient child and the fight over toys. I feel the frustration, the anger, the exasperation, the fear. And (being honest here) a blessing is probably the last thing on my mind. It’s much more natural for me to start pointing out faults or to try to fix them or to get ugly right along with them.

It’s part of the reason why I write about our days and why I try to capture moments with my camera – because it forces me to find the beautiful, the good, the blessed… amidst the hard and the messy.

But this takes it a step further, and can only be done because of what Christ has already done for me!… for you!… for our kids!…

So, over a picnic lunch we read through these verses.

And with the help of a paper heart and some Washi tape, I shared this secret with my kids.

how to get along

(I got the idea for the heart from this book. I love how God works. So often He places numerous things in my path – even within the same day – to teach and guide me on the same concept. And, if you’re looking for some wonderful parenting resources, I highly recommend Connected Families! – More on that another day.)

First we talked about how the evil we do, and the evil that is done to us really hurts – like crushing and ripping our hearts. As we talked of some of the ways we’ve done evil, the heart got crinkled and torn… so sad.

sad torn heart

so sad

(Ariya tried so hard to have a sad face.)

Then we talked about how we could repay evil with a blessing.

First by keeping our own tongues from evil. (Hold them if you have to!) – from vs. 10

hold your tongue

keep tongue from evil

And then by choosing to bless (whether in speech or action).

Each one was encouraged to say a blessing to the person to their left, and then to say a way that they could bless someone. With each blessing, we put a piece of Washi tape on the heart.

giving blessings

blessed heart

This was NOT easy for some (although they loved the activity). And it was where I admitted how difficult it can be for me too. But, also how thankful I am for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and for how it is only through Jesus that we can even begin to do this. And we talked about how much more easily this will come when we work at blessing others. For, what a much better use of our words and energy and minds – thinking of ways to bless, instead of wasting them on tearing others down.

The blessing Isaiah received stands out to me. For, more times than I can count, when he has joined into a sibling conflict, it’s been to protect someone else. So if Ariya is crying that someone took the horse she wants, Isaiah will wrestle that other person to the ground to get that horse back for Ariya (no matter the circumstances surrounding). Usually that ends in more tears. But, today I shared with him how thankful I am that he is willing to protect others. Yes, that “protection” needs to be a bit re-guided, but it is truly a gift in him that I believe God will use to do great things. But, today was probably the first time I told him that.

You should have seen the smiles when each was given a blessing!

And, in the end, our “heart” was much stronger and more beautiful!

beautiful heart

secret to siblings who get along

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Suffering For Righteousness’ Sake (1 Peter-Week8)

I’m seeing more and more how it is in EVERY area of our lives that we can live for His glory!

And I’m being more and more humbled through these beautiful Words.

Sometimes they sting a bit, or are not at all what I want to hear.

But I can’t miss God’s incredible grace and love throughout. This love that would allow me to see how He wants me to live, because it’s the best for me. This grace that draws me near when I’m getting it right and when I’m getting it all so wrong.

The day in and day out (even in suffering) of living for Him looks a whole lot more glorious when I see how Christ is exemplified – how His suffering for me… for you… brings us near to God. And I am in awe.

What a precious week we have ahead of us!

1 Peter Week 8 - Our Family for His Glory

These weeks have been so humbling and awe-filled – igniting in my life a deeper love for God and His Word that I can’t help but bow my knees before Christ my Lord!

I pray that He’s working His beautiful glory in your lives as well.

As we go through the rest of chapter three – as we read it and speak it and write it and pray it – we can know that God is watching over us, and He is attentive to our prayers. Wow!

So come boldly.

And come confidently.

And be ready to bow your knee to the Father,

And to revere in your heart Christ as Lord.

For we are going to pray the heart of God through His own life-breathing words.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, and the words are already written for us in the Bible – we’re just going to personalize them. But, let’s make it heart-felt and make it our own sweet whispers or cries straight to the throne of God. And listen as He speaks from the dwelling in our hearts.

I think you’ll find it to be a most precious way to come near to the One who suffered for us, so that we can be brought near to God.

praying His words

Let’s prayerfully come before the One who loves us with a love that suffered deep.

1 Peter Week 8 - Our Family for His Glory

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1 Peter Week 8

Oh, what a challenging and precious week we have ahead of us!

I’d love for you to come and share what God is teaching you as you GROW in His Word and as you PRAY His heart and as you LIVE for Him!

Let’s grow in the true grace of God together! (It’s NEVER to late to start!!)

1 Peter Bible Study - Our Family For His Glory

Last Week: 1Peter 3:1-7 – Unfading Marital Bliss
Next Week: 1Peter 4:1-11 – Living as Stewards of His Grace

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